Help me choose my next Mythic to craft!


Boost ratio is x2. so a full Plague (22 mana) would be 44 damage, each full Humilty (13 mana) would be 26 damage each

So if everything was full, it’d be 94 (70 boost + 24 base) damage with just those 3 troops.


So go and wreck the Dwarves :v:
Infernus would allow you to experiment for a different Red day setup, plus being a menace in PVP.


Then I only need the forge to work with me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Famine would only (maybe) be able to kill Anariel if she hasn’t casted yet. I think Infernus is the better option for me. If Humiliy has boosted stuff as well (not completely avoidable thanks to skulls falling from the sky and Famine’s slow filling speed), it’s unlikely to be a 1-shot.


Pharos can kill Anariel in one shot, even after she cast (once). Also, she feeds him.


Any suggestions on a mythic to craft next would be appreciated. I currently only have 2.

Pharos Ra

I’m level 1069 and own most of the collection. I’m still missing quite a few Legendary tho.

I was thinking I should go with Famine.


I would have crafted Ketras next, such a solid troop and fun to use. But famine is a good choice.


That’s a good choice imo. I crafted him when i was waited for pharos (i had enough for two by then) and i have no regrets. He’s great for three days of gw. Slow on offense for normal fights, but great on defense. Elemaugrim is great with infernus, but famine is better. I wouldn’t craft any legendaries, you’ll get them eventually. I crafted sheggra and got 3 within two weeks.


I could make a case for Gard’s Avatar, but I don’t think you’d have any regrets with Famine for the reasons already stated.


I think everyone’s advice above is generally outstanding IF this was 2-3 months ago. It is not. Lots of GW references, that is moving to once every 3 weeks. No consideration for Mythic buffs/nerf that will be incorporated into 3.3 in ~4 weeks. No consideration given to what meta/troops are going to be needed for the two unknown event game modes. (Yes we really dont know anything to make a forward decision on)

My advise: Save your diamonds unless there is something you absolutely want. Once 3.3 is released you might want specific a troop for the new meta.


Yeah, you can always say that there are changes incoming, but presumably, he wants to play with his toys now. I know he’s in a good guild, so depending on how many bonus packs he buys, he may have enough diamonds to get his next mythic by the time 3.3 rolls around anyway. Might as well have some fun.

In any case, I mentioned Gard as a good option for general-purpose use. He’s a monster in PVP and works well with a few different playstyles (though he’s particularly good in a red/yellow looping team).

  1. Guild Wars isn’t getting canceled, so anything suggested for GW is still relevant.

  2. There’s nothing promised for Mythics being buffed or nerfed at this time, so there’s nothing to be considered. If you want to constantly live in fear that they’ll touch your precious Mythic in inappropriate places, then by all means never craft a Mythic. Hell, might as well tell people to stop using TDS, they’ll nerf it later!

  3. Even if it turns out troops won’t be useful for the new game modes being offered, there are still other areas of the game that they can be used. The two new specific game mode shouldn’t be the make or break reason a Mythic is crafted and will be equally as limited as Guild Wars is.

Some Mythics will always be better than other Mythics, so telling them to wait for changes that may never come is not helpful. It especially doesn’t help that the Forge is RNG, so telling them to wait on picking a Mythic they have their eye on may keep them waiting for a really long time if it refuses to show up again.


I think you are outstandingly confused as to what I wrote. I never wrote canceled. Reducing the frequency of something by 1/3 makes it less relevant to craft something specifically for that event.

Of COURSE they havent ‘official’ tweeted ‘x Mythic is getting a nerf, y is getting buffed’. But If you watched the recent stream with the actual developers you should be able to figure out what in the works easily. If you think they aren’t planned changes, its no big deal (but your wrong).

You never know, when GW started having Famine was make or break for players at the top. It made massive score difference for high level players.


And I thought you were a planner…:grin: I not saying wait forever or until they are finally done with the game. 3.3 is a big update and its only 4ish weeks away, that’s not too long. (I’m taking the LONGEST Dev estimate and assuming it will not be early, but you never know.


There is planning and there is paralysis by analysis. I think anyone posting in this thread for suggestions wants something shiny to play with, so I’d go Famine for GW, defense and general utility or Gard for PVP, GW and AOE carnage.

I didn’t suggest Aby, who I love for GW but who might slip to only occasional use once 3.3 comes.


Ketras is a blast, especially with scorpy bollocks.


All great advice. I have the Diomonds now. I buy both daily packs everyday from the dungeon battles. And if I’m thinking str8, Famine isn’t even in the forge this week. So I’m not crafting anything this week. If I wait for 3.3 I might have enough for at least 2. This is a good idea @Strat. Even though you are right @Stan. I do like new toys and ready for one.

Just thought I’d get some feedback. I really like Gards Ave too @Stan. I think the real reason I even want Famine is because everyone but me owns him. Envy.

If Gard works well with Infernus that’s a huge plus since I love destroying teams with him.


I had the same thing for the longest time. Famine was my first forge and there was never a second thought. Took me a little while to get him onto some teams, but it was a good move for me.

This may or may not be a good match. There is a bit of overlap in colors there, but if you went Hellcat, alchemist, Gard, Infernus, you could loop for a bit with the first two, then cast the last two and it’s probably a fast team-wipe. On anything other than a red/yellow loop team, they’d manablock each other too much to be effective.


Infernus was my first. He’s my absolute favorite troop. Since I crafted him, any team that had TDS now more than likely got switched out with Infernus.

I eventually want Abnyssia too. I just love exploders. Thanks all for the advice.


Famine would be a good pick, but indeed I would also wait and see how the change to elves and Mana Shield to block Mana Drain will affect Famine’s usefulness and how much the raid boss appeals to you. If you end up loving raid, then another mythic might be better for you as everything in there is immune to Mana Drain.

I personally can vouch for Yasmine’s Chosen and Worldbreaker being great on offense and Queen Aurora on defense. Yasmine’s Chosen and Aurora make a damn great combo in GW two days of the week. And Worldbreaker is a great addition to a team sporting another exploder who fills faster (Ragnagord or Gorgotha) or a dragon team in general. All exploders are useful, sooo…

But yes, I would wait. Not sure how Famine will hold up soon. He’s still at the top of my list for next craft as well, but it will be well into 3.3. before I am at 4k, so I don’t have to wonder about it now.


I’m also close to crafting my mythic. I was thinking either plague or Eurayli, but with 3.3 coming up and it taking another 2 months-ish to get enough to craft another, I think I may wait til 3.3 just to see the landscape at the time and decide then.