Help me choose my next Mythic to craft!


Plague is still the Ultimate Frontman™ imo with a perfect distribution of damage multiplication, creation of power disparity, sapping, and non-interference with high-DPS looping colors.


I wouldn’t trust cats all that much, if I were a rabbit…

I think the problem isn’t Dwarves, is Lord Ironbeard specifically? Anyway the team is Carnex, Garuda, Ragnagord, Ketras. I use Orc banner.


Actually, as I had only bad experiences with cats, I wouldn’t even trust cats as a human…

Actually it’s everyone. Most noticeably Lady Ironbeard, though Highforge and Lord Ironbeard get me as well. I usually can’t get Lady Ironbeard’s armor down fast enough before she’s full since she starts with half Mana and she then one-shots someone and it all goes downhill from there.

But thanks for the team tip! I don’t think I have Carnex and Garuda traited, but I sure will check! :smiley:


I’d look in the general direction of a Hero’s weapon for that. But true, the problem here is be ready before she is.


Your team suggestion doesn’t have a hero in it, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, it’s really how fast dwarves fill. Even AOE is no guarantee because of this first shot. They wouldn’t be as difficult if that would be removed from them (though their stun immunity is dumb as well).
I’ll see if I can get Carnex traited until tomorrow for red day. Garuda can live without his traits, they’re all pretty useless in that team. If I can somehow pull off farming 16 Arcanes in Ghulvania, I’ll try your suggestion tomorrow! :smiley:


Try it before traiting it. It’s already good enough to see if you like how this team rolls. I favour exploding things, you may have a different style.
In fact I’m giong to experiment with some Hero weapons up top. Mang, for one.


What about Worldbreaker? Someone from my guild suggested that Worldbreaker instead of Ketras is better. In fact, I just got a suggestion of Carnex, Ragnagord, Worldbreaker, Sunbird. Totally different. I never ever used Carnex before.
I like exploding things, too, though - that’s for sure. And Worldbreaker and Sunbird could both reach Lady Ironbeard sitting mostly in third spot pretty quickly to get the armor down a bit.

(This is off-topic again, lol. To add to topic: Given that Raid mode will have all raid enemies immune to Mana Drain, elves will get Mana Drain immunity and Mana Shield will have it added as well, Famine is taking a hit in usefulness, obviously. Think I might at this rate go for Infernus.)


Infernus’s burn all enemies on 4 or 5 gem matchs hits armor :wink:

Infernus is better offensively.
Famine is better defensively.

but both have their opportunities to be nasty in all situations. Infernus is more fun in my opinion. Famine will do better if you’re still having your Lady Araniel/Plague problems.


Lady Anariel has Mana Shield and is an elf.
She’ll be immune to Drain once 3.3. hits, with Drain immunity being added to Mana Shield and as an elven thing.
I have hella lot of Anariel/Plague problems, but I think 3.3. will give Famine one heck of an issue. All the raid guys are Mana Drain immune. Elves are immune. Mana Shield troops are immune.
Famine is pretty much going to lose MUCH of his usefulness, I think, while Infernus will not get many more issues from 3.3.

The only issue I have with Infernus right now is that his burn doesn’t just hit enemy armor, but also burns my eyes pretty well, but hey, status effects are supposed to be nicer in 3.3., so here’s to hoping.


At end gsame level, burning doesn’t do much to troops.
At the moment I gthink Infernus is more aggressive, in Famine haydays when he decreaserd everybody’s status at each turn he would have been the obvious choice.
They nerfed him as soon as I traited him, of course.

The solution to the Anariel problem is to eat her, of course.


What if you meet her in GW on a day where you have no one able to eat her because of color limits?


Lady Araniel will have immunity to drain, but it’ll still take the damage from Famine.

It’ll still deal X damage to an enemy boosted by Mana drained, which is still the other 3 troops on the team. Humility x2 and Plague aren’t immune to drain, so that damage will still matter.


I’d try to Silence her or Web her. Or eat her piece by piece.


Having never used Famine: How much does it matter? Humility fills fast, there’s not much to drain as a logical conclusion. Plague will, however, matter a lot since he fills slowly.

I guess I’m not flexible enough in my teams at this point. I have literally no silencer or webber in any of my teams. Whelp. Gotta work on that, no matter which mythic I end up crafting.


Infernus. Probably the best gw troop there is. He’s pretty much used for 3 of the 6 days, he’s that good. He can also kill a full team as the sole remaining troop. Craft infernus but make sure that you have enough stones to at least second trait him.


I’m only three Arcanes away from having 21 Storms ready already. Then it’s just endless farming in Ghulvania. But I’m preparing; I wanna use him the second i get him. :slight_smile: (But of course we all know that he won’t be in the forge for forever, now that I want him.)


I would definitely save sheba. He’s really good, not just as a damage threat, but as a mana generator too. Especially effective against barriered teams.


I am, I am. I just have to slow down at the moment because I have serious carpal tunnel from farming too much in the past week and writing so much on the forum. :stuck_out_tongue: The extra gold from explore this week made me totally overdo it. But if he is in the forge next week, I will be able to trait him at least in a reasonable amount of time.


Famine was great when battles were longer, since he cut away stats from everybody. Now he’s nerfed and battles are longer, but he still can save the day with mana draining and sniping. He would not be that good in Red days, but better winning with the wrong color than losing with an all Red team.


If I wanna win with the wrong colors, I go Forest Troll/Loyalty/Yasmine’s Chosen/Aurora and just wreck the dwarves. I’m good at that, been doing that because I’ve found no other way, but that team is a 90% win unless something really crazy happens.