Help me choose my next Mythic to craft!


I asume you speak from your own experience :grin: In other words you would craft the weaver instead?


In my opinion, Weaver >>>>>>>>> Megavore


I use the weaver a lot. Webbing is very good for defense, summoning is sometimes a help, the true damage is ok for offense, when you manage a kill the explode is good for mana generation, and mana cost of only 20 is nice.

I don’t have ubastet, or sometimes I would use it instead. But still would probably use the weaver more than megavore even if I did have ubastet.

Megavore for the killing trait is slow. When I had only one megavore, I tried it in a delve with a looping team. It works but I gave it up because it just took much too long.

I do sometimes use one megavore with looping in guild wars, though taking many turns means a lower score.

I have two megavores now, but haven’t tried using both yet. Maybe alchemist/hellcat/mega/mega in Hall of Guardians if Dragon’s Eye isn’t enough to get to 500.

If I had neither weaver nor megavore, I would choose weaver first. Assuming no use of seals or gem keys except during mythic week. A second weaver wouldn’t be nearly as useful as a second megavore, so if I were opening gem chests all the time, then it would be a harder decision. But still would probably pick weaver.


Ok, with the nerf of dragon eye, I think the usefullness of Weaver and Ubastet in Dvelves is significantly lower now. The Megavore (x2 or x3) in dvelve is almost a must have now. What do you think???


The weaver’s web could still be useful for defense. I was also thinking of using it for devour, such as gelatinous cube / weaver / alchemist / syl for HoG. Sylvanimora’s entangle won’t be enough if the top enemy is immune to status effects.

I tested alchemist / hellcat / megavore / megavore in PVP and it doesn’t seem very reliable. I might still try it though in HoG.