Hello there. looking to join a guild?


Well we are look for active players to join are guild. Are guild is called American strong. We are try to bring American back to the top. So we would be grateful if you join my guild. If you would like to join. Let me know your invite code and i will invite you to are guild. Thank you and have a nice day.


Gobi_4 but i have to leave my guild will do it when im home


Okay thanks gobi. Let me know when you leave your guild.


maybe just add me on PSN:Gobinho97 i will be back in 4 hours


Okay that works too. So far i only got 3 of my friends to join my guild. .just looking to expand our guild.


Ok so cya soon on PSN :slight_smile:


Okay cool. Let me know when to invite you to the guild