Extremely active player looking for active guild

Well I started playing a bit over a week after the game was released. I’ve gotten 250 trophies and donated 50k gold to my guild. I’m level 64 right now and I have several legendary troops already. I lost once randomly recently prior to that I honestly can’t recall a time I’ve lost an invade. I’ve noticed that I have over 1/3 of my guilds gold contributed and I’ve got about 1/4 of total trophies. Most of the other contributors haven’t logged in for over a week so I don’t think they’re that active. I’m looking for a more even ground a higher end guild. If somebody from pewpew or another top 10 reads the forums I’m sure I could contribute. Hit me up on here or psn is truking. I don’t mind be a high contributor but 1/4 of our trophies out of 16 people is a tad absurd.

I’m in pretty much the same boat. I started playing about 10 days ago and joined a random guild that now seems rather inactive, I have more trophies and gold donation than the rest of the guild combined. I’m level 54 and also looking for an active guild, preferably one that actually chats a bit. PSN name Pheikis, GoW invite name Phelkis.

Hi there, my guild is currently looking for contributers/daily players. Ill add you both and this can be the beggining to a great guild :wink:

You have to leave the guild your in…if you want me to invite you to my guild. My guild is called American strong. Look for active players. To bring American to the top :wink:

Joined the #3 guild for now.

Okay thanks for letting me know