PewPew ( best Guild Ps4 Rank 1 ) looking for active Players

Hello we need 2-3 high active Players Level 100 ++ . If you can make 200++ Trophys a Week and donate some Gold pm me :>

PSN Claussanta86

edit: dont be shy :smiley: we spend many Millions of Gold for Guildquest during the week ( Guild Level 65 ) But as i said only high active Players are welcome

Welcome to the #1 club other platform. :slight_smile:

thx i hope i get some pms you dont need to do like 500 Trophys a Week .We have 7500 more Trophys then second Place. Just need some good active Players . Some Guys are inactive

Hi, I’m in DARK SKIES guild (around 20th position) and my level is 187 now (I think). The master of our team rarely appears and there’s nobody in Rank 2 so our masteries don’t grow properly, which is disappointing. I play daily as much as I can and I really love this game since I found it in PSN Store for free. I don’t know if I usually reach 200 trophies a week but I must be close to that, specially in the last few weeks when I have stopped repeating challenges to raise my level quickly and I have started to invade and defend to earn more gold (for my guild and for the future update and its juicy Gold Chests).
I’ve come across your strong legendary team several times and, seeing your hero’s level, I supposed you were in one of the highest guilds (I wasn’t wrong).
If I could join PewPew it would be great. The more I play the more I like the game and I want to achieve everything I can (hundreds of hero levels, all troops to the max, 100% masteries). That means months or even years, but it’s what I’ve wanted to do since I began this insane journey almost two months ago.
If you decide to invite me, I’ll do my best. :sweat_smile:

pm me pls PSN Claussanta86 with invitecode

push already have 3 new Players but still need 1-2 more :>

Hello, my PSN is B-SLLIK. I would like to be an addition to PewPew. ;D i am not level 100 but will be soon. i will definitely be able to meet the requirements for trophies. attached are some pictures of my progress and contributions. Thanks!

dont recruite in my Topic lol why he should join your new Guild if he can join the best Guild? :confused: funny Guy

btw we are full now no more pms pls

Saw you had 30 out of 30 and figured if you were full id take them :wink:

This game is harder to find people to play with than destiny

I’m french I made 500+ trophies in a month for Conquerant FR.
My PSID is hiruma9702

i make 500 Trophis a Week :confused: as i said full

2-3 free Spots if somebody want to join pm me ( only high active Players )

and pls no Level 20 Players ^^ thx

You can’t reach 100% masteries, just to let you know :slightly_smiling:

I thought it was posible, since they don’t stop growing with hero levels. My highest mastery right now is Green around 90 (about 60 hero and 30 guild) and it’s near 50%.
We’ll see where it stops. Double mana in every combo would be sweet. :wink:

As you get higher % will raise much much slower. That was implemented so that lower level players catch up to high level players faster. But still you will never be able to reach 100%. Even if you picked only one mana color when ever it shows up ignoring others you still wouldn’t have enough.

It’s not possible. Look at this:

It actually use to be possible on the old formula. I believe mastery of 9,999 was near 99% chance on the previous formula, BUT now it is absolutely impossible to have 100%. Even unrealistically high masteries like 100,000 I don’t believe would be near 100%.

Thanks for the info. Now I know what to expect.

push nice Mr Sammy

1-2 free Spots only high Active Players