Having a weak defence team seems to be better than a strong one

well lets go through what we get during defends. we get gold for participating, souls depending on the number of enemy’s killed (4max), glory, gems (don’t remember getting gems from a defend though)

now on to the pros of winning a defend

-you get 50-150 extra gold (estimation)
-4 souls
-around 10 extra glory (estimation)

but we all know when we are about to loose a invade most people will close the game rendering the victory void to conserve their 100% invade statistic, keep winning streak for faster rank.

a strong team will just deter people form invading so they will just find another opponent makes it even less chance that people will invade so less reward

this means that around 90% of the invades you win are most likely void.
This is assuming that if the opponent quits the match is void, not sure this is the case, but it sure feels like with only getting 1 victory and many defeats with a strong team

now lets look at purposely loosing a defense

-you get 50-150 less gold
-you get 1-2 glory (estimation)
-you get 0 souls

BUT you also get;
-revenge- now this is great since you spend next to no gold to start the match unlike a invade that costs HALF the gold you win so its much less risky. you gain a lot more gold form winning 50% more since the cost is only 100 gold, which is very useful when defending against high lv players as you get a lot of gold.

you will be getting revenges ALOT, since you will be loosing defenses very fast

revenges are also much efficient way to get gold

I only recommend this to low lv players as if everybody started to only use a lv1 present to defend it will cause problems like;

-pvp will be no challenge since all you face is a 1 lv1 present
-everybody will be getting gold and lvling up way too fast

  • every will be completing guild tasks like there’s no tomorrow (if everybody got 2000-10000 gold per minute)

I suggest that over lv 300 people continue to use their dominating troops to prevent this from happening

i only ever set my defense to be one weak defender. My experience is that i gain more gold in the long run by having more defends to revenge at 50 gold/match compared to paying 50% to invade. But then again, I will skip invades until i get a decent value.

Hey there :smile:
I don’t recall ever getting more than 3 glory for a defend or invade win, am I doing something wrong?
Also I rarely ever have more defeats than wins currently but of course I’m only like 115 and am running cheesy gobbies

Maybe make revenge reward calculated (in part) by how hard your defense team is.

I keep a strong defense team in to prevent other guilds from gaining a trophy (or lose one). I also tend to fight anyone, sometimes even if the reward is low. Defense team is the team a player will play when playing the revenge game against. (I think it is at least) and that is another reason I keep a strong defense team in.

Not to mention since you can decide your Home City, Revenge is a convenient way to farm for the target color Trait Stone you want.

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They should just make it so that quitting a game would result in a loss. That’s what’s in place in MANY games to prevent people from abusing the possibility to quit to void some battles.

In the meantime, I prefer to keep a strong defense forcing my opponents to quit and I, myself, quit anytime I feel the need to, hoping that the more the game is cheated, the more they’ll feel the need to fix it.

EDIT : And it’s not like they don’t know how to achieve just that : you lose arena battles if you leave, I just lost one to a random blue screen…

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Loose = to release
Lose = to not win

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i prefer strong teams as it means that you have to earn my revenge. Either i put up a weak team to get rank one in pvp faster or i use a strong defense team to make people not attack me. Sometimes though people surprise my expectations and fight my hard defense team and win and force my hand at revenge. Also b4 you think i use goblins: sorry not this guy. After studying the traits some teams are superior to goblins.

I try to put up an interesting team for defense. I get a few victories occasionally, but usually I get losses, which result in cheap revenge battles. I’m not fronting a boring, overused, or over-challenging team, because I know what I’d rather play against. A defense of one weak troop is something I skip over when I invade.

There are other threads that discuss the weak vs strong defense team rewards debate, so I won’t get into it here. Suffice it to say that there is discussion about the wonky state of defense battle rewards, and perhaps this system will get an update sooner or later. I hope so, but for now, I’ll take the cheap revenge battles quite happily, thanks!

I wondered how many people think like this… I might do the same… if I feel I want gold, I’d do it for the quick win - if I feel I want XP, I will skip it as you get less…

So I’ve put a single Dire Wolf out as defence team the last week - and have been getting a lot of revenge battles - and the odd Defence win, which is very odd… but overall seem to be invaded more rather than less, so perhaps more people (not that my sample is very big) are happy to get a quick win… even if we feel it trivialises the battle…

I will switch to a stronger defence team this week and see what happens.

I should add one caveat to the above - I may not skip a single weak troop if the gold reward is fat and juicy, generally over 1000 or more (which results in 2000+ due to dragon armor and various other adds). I don’t remember ever seeing such a tempting invade, though it’s possible my memory fails me on this. Generally it seems like the good invades that offer such a large reward have good defense teams - probably due to a larger percentage of successful defenses and thus less gold having been stolen, in combination with an accumulation of tribute gold.

Edit: perhaps your mythic crazy Dire Wolf is scary enough to push over a few weak-willed would-be invaders by itself, @Jainus :wink:

Well it now has some more mythic (fully traited commons) friends to help it out, perhaps it was getting lonely…

Let’s see:
If you quit, you loose your Gold paid for the fight.
If you loose regularly, you loose that Gold, 1 Trophy, your Win Streak and 1 Star if possible. In return you get Gold from matches/Skills, Souls from Matches/Skills, Keys and Maps.
So (if it does not shorten the match), quitting is only useful, if you still have to reach rank 1 for that week or you really value that 1 Trophy high.

Therefore i think it is an adequate approach to not punish losses due to technical problems to much.

I think, the defender gets his win anyway, no matter if you loose regularly or quit. Otherwise i can’t explain how teams like single Fortress Gates aquire wins…

Back to original topic:
A defense wins nets you 3 Glory, 100 Gold and 4 Souls for Free.
A defense loss gives 1 Glory, a little Gold (dont know exactly how much) and Souls for kills.

The revenge has the following advantages over normal pvp:
The fight costs 50 Gold, every 15 wins you get a bonus (2000 Gold or 100 Souls *multiplier). Therefore every battle gives on average 100 Gold and 1,4 Souls more reward.

On the other hand, revenge enemies normally give a lot less gold compared to the enemies you can find in Pvp with a little searching (I will use the numbers i see regularly. If yours differ, feel free to calculate it with your own). So assume you play on normal, with Dragon armor and your revenge battle gives 400 Gold. Then you got 950 Gold and 7,4 Souls net gain. If you make a normal pvp match for 650 Gold, you gain 975 Gold and 6 Souls.

Higher difficulties make Pvp-Gold advantage better since the half cost gets less compared to the win reward. And it is rather easy to find enemies worth more then 650 gold, while i often have revenges worth less then 400. The souls get compensated easily by the defend win (whih gives 2 glory and around 80 bonus gold as well). Additionally you can have a maximum of 3 revenges at the same time, so every further loss is gold lost to you compared to defense wins.

The advantage of low fight cost gets very often compensated by higher fight rewards in normal pvp battles. Additionally, you miss out if you have more then 3 losses between your revenges. Weak defense teams (in my mind) hence only are useful if you can make your revenges on a very regular basis and the rewards are in range of those in Pvp.

If indeed the number of enemies fighting you (due to Scout or remembering your defense) is lower with a high defense, this analysis is not adequat. However, since there are even some voices to skip “to easy” battles and my personal experience shows no correlation for that (yet), my point stands. Further, if everyone would use a “hard” defense, this point gets obsolete by default (if all enemies are of same strength, there is no reason to skip especially you).

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