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Has anyone gambled with medals?

Just curious. I assume most people are like me, and only attempt an elite upgrade to a troop with a guaranteed chance at success. But who knows — reasonable minds can disagree!

So I’d like to know if anyone’s gotten lucky gambling 10k souls and a Gaard medal on a mythic, or been burned on a 50-99% chance to get an upgrade on something.

Any tales to tell, anyone?


If it’s like 75% and one of the medals I have tons of, yeah. But I’m not going to gamble with a Medal of Anu or especially Nysha

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Unlocked Rowanne’s last medal upgrade with 33% chance earlier this week or so. Got lucky on first try :slight_smile:


Different task, but same game: I once failed three times in a row to upgrade Hoard at 80%…(2 crowns and 3 rings). After that, I made sure always at 100%.

I would not risk medals or souls with the Rng in this game. I wish best of luck to those who do.


There should be a “Yard of Guts” achievement for trying sub-100% upgrades 10 times. :upside_down_face:


I tried to upgrade my Infernus without using Medals of Nysha.
For bronze elite level I used 3 Medals of Aranaea (chance for success - 33%) and I was successful only on 9th try (27 epic medals in total).
For silver elite level I used 3 Medals of Anu (chance for success - 50%) and I was successful on 2nd try (6 legendary medals in total).
I didn’t try to upgrade to gold elite level, my mood wasn’t good after that number of epic medals.


I gambled one time. I accidentally tried to upgrade a common’s 2nd upgrade with only 1 common medal (50% chance) and failed. That was annoying since I meant to put 2 medals in and there’s no are you sure you want to gamble? pop up.

Meanwhile, Keylime managed to get the 3rd upgrade for his TPK with 1 Nysha and 2 Anu medals (55% chance).

I’ll gamble more in the future when I finish my lower rarity stuff.

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While I went the guaranteed route for Phoenicia’s bronze upgrade, I decided to gamble 3 Aranaea medals for silver upgrade (16.67% chance). Succeeded first try. Then I went for gold with 3 Aranaea medals (11.11% chance). Failed first try, but then attempted that same gamble again and succeeded on the second try. So a grand total of 9 Aranaea medals and 80,000 souls got the silver and gold elite upgrades on my Phoenicia.


Nope have not gambled. Not sure I will either lol.

This is sorta where I’m at, too. I’m thinking that the souls pile up faster than the medals do, but common troops don’t get added to the game much, so.

Gonna have extra Gaards and souls to use ’em at some point :joy:

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surprisingly, Gaard medals can be annoying to farm when you want them. Orpheus and Yasmine are more common

Kind of a good reason for Gaard medals to be obsolete!

Luckily, too, most common gold-elites are just for show, since the troops are garbage anyway :joy:

I guess the same is true for most rarity levels, but still — there are maybe 2-3 commons I’ve yet to medal that I actually want to, and there are closer to a dozen for the other rarities. Speaks for itself :laughing:

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Just once, when the medals came out. Upgraded Rowanne to gold on 67%. Have’nt pressed my luck since.

I upgraded my Phoenicia without using any Nysha medals. Overall I spent way less than the expected probability.

If it’s Nysha/Anu the risk isn’t worth it. And I’m drowning in medals of lower rarity so there’s really no point there. I think at last count I was sitting on 125 Cedrics.

I was late to the Phoenicia/Sunspear party & had a mild case of FOMO hurrying to medal her. :laughing:
RNG cut me a break at the gold level with a 33.33% chance.