Gyarados - Lurking for new recruits!

We are two active members that need some help here. The guild is very new!

You are warmly welcomed to join us!


What platform? PC or mobile? Also are you guys willing to give up your guild to join a higher one? Especially one that has no requirements other than no activity for over a month will get kicked from guild. Activity includes doing story lines, logins, pvp and arena battles as well as map uses. if it shows up in the guild log then you are not inactive.

Such poaching.

i am not poaching members as i am not recruiting for my guild. Just something to think about is the 3k/4k guilds roaming around gaining trophies and that a good portion of them are possible not active or are dead. Earning a single trophy can shoot any of them up 10 or so spots up the guild list. My guild still earns trophies every week in such a way that members get to rank one in pvp then just sit there for the week until roller over time. Many guilds do not do this. Either you are in a fast paced top guild or in a slow paced guild like mine or you end up making a dead on site guild that after a while will die as members stop playing. It is better to join a higher guild as it speeds up game progression and might keep the guild exciting.