GW error counts as loss


So this counted as a GW loss. Won the match and got stuck on this screen. No way to advance it


Guild wars has always unbalanced the game and favored the top. Now with all these bugs it is even worse.

Hopefully one day the get rid of it and add another mode that is fair to all guilds.


I have literally the same bug at this moment. I don’t even want to throw curses here and there. Are they resolving things like that in support tickets ?


Yes and no. You can’t get points back.

“Sorry for your loss. Here is some gold” is their answer.

More bugs with every update. Gotta love it.


Is your game still up?


Yes. I can only put ESC and go reatreat or switch off .exe


Someone told me to click everything possible. Empty enemy spaces, gems and all areas of the board,

Normal pvp would be one thing but GW errors are infuriating.

Having to battle the devs and the opponent is more than I’m interested in,


Same here. Did you also finish with a Krystenax cast?


Ok, the board was frozen/bugged, but I was able to « cast » Famine without target and the game resolved.
So in the original post, try casting the Forest Guardian


I tried to cast another krystenax as I usually do in pvp (cast and match is won), but nothing response, not a single gem.


Yes. Finished with a Kryst cast to finish and it summoned to fill first spot.

Oh and just to really stick it in and break it off, a 4 match error on a board full of green set up the Forest Troll defense for another win.

Devs, please stop with adding content and just fix the bugs. No more excuses, workarounds or other nonsense.

Loading errors, lost sigils, 4 match errors, summon errors, etc. How many things are going to go wrong before you focus on fixing what’s broken?


As stated above from other post, casting spell will fix it. It’s the whole board that freeze, everything is working fine. Don’t cast Krystenax (I assume any spells that required to choose gems on the board as well) though, or the whole game will freeze, with hard restart as the only way out.

And if you don’t have any spells available when this happened, you’re screwed. Still it can be avoided by not cast Krystenax as a finishing move.


I shouldn’t post when I’m irritated. Guild wars is the only aspect of the game where bugs and errors will drive me crazy.

I don’t post enough about the things I enjoy so I should consider that before posting about the things that I take issue with.

That being said, I do believe that the current state of the game needs debugging and fine tuning over adding additional content.


Yesterday, after playing and winning TWO battles, I already had a loss (2/1) when I was about to start the third one. Finally I only played and won 4 times but I got a 4/1. First time it happens to me. Not cool.


I think we had a least 4 losses this week due to bugs. Good thing it’s only bracket 1. Glad to see we all have to encounter them to even the playing fields.

:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:One day it may be bug free.


I’ve had numerous problems with guild wars, wins that count as a loss, errors that cause a loss and crashes. I’ve accepted a while ago that these issues won’t ever be fixed so just have to accept it.


Exact same happened to me today


same thing happened to me today.


same here exactly