Won GW battle, but it did count as a loss

War Sphinx, Dragon Soul, Kerberos, Dracos against
Wraith, Gorgotha, Death, Famine

Silenced Famine with Dracos and devoured with Kerberos, it showed me +XXX GW points, but…

P.S. 5-10 min after that, I fought the same person, and his team was different. Maybe this bug has something to do with switching teams?


This has happened to one of my guild mates TWICE this week. Really given how close these races are, these kind of bugs are extremely disheartening.


These sort of bugs, which seem similar to the other “game has already been completed” type are annoying in PvP. But in Guild Wars where the value of each win is so high and affects your whole guild, this is unacceptable. Bugs happen, but the severity of this is ridiculously high, so hopefully @Saltypatra can get the devs to look at this.

And I’d also suggest that support stops giving slap-in-the-face-compensation. Bugs which potentially cost an entire team the ability to advance to the top bracket where dozens of cards and hundreds of gems are at stake for each player is worth far more than a little bit of gold and glory. Further, 29 other players (or in our case 28 due to a different bug) spent resources to level guild statues which could be all for nothing, are they entitled to refunds for our wasted spending and compensation for lost time playing for rewards that you’ve put out of their reach? The way GW problems are handled must be different than how other/PvP problems are handled, due to the scope and severity of their effects. Because the precedent being set is not instilling trust and a desire to spend (which is totally contrary to my experience with the game and support, which has been awesome),


Hi netwizard,

My issue appeared to be a little different but same end result. Last night fight number one went great, I went in to fight the number two opponent, choose a team, fought and won the fight but when I came back to the main GW screen it showed I had a loss and win.

This really sucks being I can no longer compete in the top GW fight of the day which is a huge point loss. I put in a ticket and it appeared I got a generic email response and a little gold. I don’t think they understand the stress of GW and to get a loss without really losing is irritating beyond words.

There are two many GoW bugs to count but this one particularly needs to get fixed immediately.


This needs to be addressed by the developer’s asap. Until it is, I’m seriously considering pulling Hoguns out of Guild Wars. There’s no reason to compete and definitely no reason to spend resources on GW when it can all be undone by a stupid bug that the Devs just shrug off as “Oh well, sorry!”

Our guild spent hundreds of gems on Statues this week and have been robbed of the chance for that spending to have any meaning, let alone all the other resources.

@Saltypatra this must be addressed properly and quickly.


Yeah 10 gems and some gold isn’t going to cut it. This is a serious issue that undermines the integrity of GW.


10 gems and a little gold for one player when it affects the entire guild for the whole week. That’s laughable. :frowning:


Just as an FYI. This exact same ‘Battle may have…’ “bug” also occurs on console, So migrating to Unity is not going to be the solution.


Thxs for the info, @Strat. That’s disappointing but not unexpected. It seems like more of a server issue than a game engine issue so that makes sense.


See if you can get all 30 members to post in one thread, along with all the other guilds this is hitting. I’m guessing 300+ players?

These incorrect losses are the item I most expect will haunt Guild Wars for a while. All the “Fixes” I can think of have more bad side affects then the losses for network timeouts and such.


Agreed, this was always going to be an issue but if they want players to spend resources on Statues, then this needs to be resolved or they need to issue guild-wide resource refunds. Anything less is pretty underhanded.


Happen to someone in our guild as well. Same thing, he did the match, won it, saw the win screen, but then saw the red x on the attack page. Reported it to support, hasn’t had a reply yet.

I hope this is a priority for them. It really soured the GW experience for him :frowning:


Sorry, I posted this on another thread too - just wanted to share with you all here.

Ok, third time this week. :frowning:

Another marked lost when I haven’t loss a GW a fight ever. PLEASE FIX THIS. Three times this week I have been marked as losing a fight when I didn’t. This time I am including my battle log and Undefeated screenshot to show I haven’t loss any fights.

I hope this helps but here is exactly what I did during the bug. I went in to battle number two. Saw the enemy and wanted to re-arrange my team. I clicked edit and moved my bottom player to the top. I then did the fight and when I was shown the victory screen I clicked past the rewards to get to the main screen and saw I had one loss/win on my second GW fight. (I only have fought two GW fights today but it has three marked).


One of my guildmate just got hit by this error. He won against enemy’s Champion but it counted as lose. And we’re in a very tight battle today (175k vs 176k score as we speak). Every single point is really matter here. A single troop lose can be a deciding factor. I hope they really pay attention to this matter and fix it ASAP. I’ll probably add the screenshots later once I heard back from him.


had this error twice this week on battle 4, missed paragon fight twice


Thanks to everyone that said they have this problem also. I was thinking it was only one or two of us and maybe it is our install or something else but it sounds like it is several people here and who knows how many that aren’t on the forum.

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These screenshots look pretty damning. The two GW victories occurred one after the other, so there was no time for another battle to happen. That is really unfortunate, and I am glad it hasn’t happened to me or anyone in my guild this week.

Edit to add: I have re-arranged my team several times this week after scouting my opponent. But I always backed all the way out to the home screen first before doing the shuffling in the “Troops” menu. Is it possible that all the players so affected used the “edit teams” button directly from the “Attack!” screen?


Yes, I changed my team right from the attack screen.

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So I noticed this:

Being that we’ve been down 1 player all week and everyone else on the results screen shows 5 battles for the day, you’d expect this to show 145/150, not 144/150. My theory is that it’s missing 1 battle because of the ghost battle loss that @Taransworld experienced today, further verifying that he did not actual get a loss and was robbed of a match today (3 for the week).

Can any other guilds who experienced this error today check before reset tonight and see if the Guild Progress is missing a battle?

Also pinging @Saltypatra :slight_smile:

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