Guildmaster Rules need to be displayed in guild menu


I think it be nice if the Guildmaster could have a place to write down rules for there guild like what members need to do to get promoted and who can spend gold on guardians you know anything the guildmaster wants to put up so he or she does not have to tell it every week to the guild members. In the guild menu, have the box labeled The Guildmasters Rules.


This is why a lot of guilds use Discord or other chat apps, because guild chat doesn’t do these kinds of functions.


Don’t think this is really a necessary change. There are to many menus as it is. There already is a place to put guild announcements. I feel if a guild leader really wanted this on the game screen they can use that.


It’s limited to 140 characters. Trying to fit anything useful in there in addition to a Discord link tends to require more abbreviations than most guild members will understand.


Why would you put a discord link in your announcements? I’ve only been in 3 guilds but not one of them has included a discord link. In the guilds I’ve been in it is used for requirements. A guild leader could put up advancement requirements part of week and minimums the rest of the week. If they don’t want to constantly change they could delegate it to different commanders to change it each day.


Because Discord allows posting guild rules exceeding 140 characters. It’s really any link to a persistent resource that does the job, Discord offers some additional benefits though.

Technically, the guild leader could also change the guild crest once every minute to use some home-brew version of the flag alphabet to convey information. Seriously though, it’s the 21st century, if GoW can’t provide basic capabilities to communicate important guild information it’s best to look for reliable means elsewhere.


You don’t need to waste space in announcements for a discord link. You can put the discord link straight into your guild chat whenever you have a new player. Every guild I have been in uses discord. It takes seconds to put a link into chat for new members to be able to join. The dev can’t get the crap they already have in game situated they don’t need a repetitive feature that already can be solved using what is already available.


That’s what I did for a long time until I realized it’s much less of a hassle to just put it into the announcement. Even fits perfectly, it’s almost like it was designed solely for this purpose.


I think this is a good idea, and that the game would be “best” if guilds had something like a forum within the game to communicate. Chat is somewhat limited and doesn’t have much structure.

On the other hand, that’s a lot of UI work and storage. I think they’d have to spend at least 2 months worth of work to implement the first version. Longer if we want them to take feedback and add features beyond those which were initially added.

We already have Discord, Skype, Facebook, and a handful of other tools for communication between groups of people. These things don’t involve extra effort for the developers, and you can do a lot with all of them. Personally, I think in-game chat is a waste of dev resources considering how well these other solutions work. Every time something goes wrong with chat (and from what I gather it’s third-party anyway), someone has to stop working on other GoW features to investigate the problem.


Use the games CLUB feature on X1.