Increasing Guild Announcement maximum characters

Now that the Guild Announcement is displayed in the chat it would be nice to able to post a sentence longer than 40 characters.

My guild is still pretty small and still don’t finish a single task, however we are going to do a vote and decide if we want to finish a single task and to choose what color we want to do. To try to explain that out in 40 characters or less is damn near impossible. I’m still answering questions via chat with people who don’t quite get it. So it would be nice to have a Announcement that was limited to the same amount of characters a normal chat dialog is limited to.


I agree with you.

i would prefer instead add another page/tab in guild having whole empty page for the leader to write up with guild rules, history, requirements and whatnot.

a line or two is not enough for whole guild to state their policies and any more then those two lines and the general guild chat would loose too much space


I too would like to see something like that as well and maybe in the future they could give us that. However I can’t imagine that the guild announcement maximum character not to exceed is all that difficult to change and would most likely require the least amount of effort to gain maxium effect.

The one thing I have noticed here is that about 95% of what gets posted here never comes to furition. So for the time being I suggest we keep this to a simple bump is maximum characters than if they give it to us proceed with asking for another tab as well!

i get the point but i also saw a lot of ideas actually being used by devs, by putting them in forum we give them a chance to use and think over those ideas possibly making the time when its added coming closer then it would if it never was mentioned in the first place.

also i think a separate tab has more (if not same) chance to actually being added in comparison to the character extension cause of the multiplatform-mobile aspect of this game. they have to keep the game playable at small screen resolutions and there is just no more space for it in the mobile (or so i assume thats why they put the limitation in the first place)

They can keep the game playable. Since I’m on a PS4 I should have stated that feature request for the PS4 family. Sorry for not rectifying my statement earlier.