Guild Wars, Point-Scoring for Battles, and You!


I second this complaint as there are many things that clearly affect score but are not mentioned. Decreasing skill points for example score badly as they don’t count as damage but does make a few troops far worse at scoring. Barrier keeps your guys alive, but will hurt you score wise as a barrier hit still counts as damage. It is also obvious that transform counts as “killing a troop” so even when you win if a few transforms occurred like with dragons eye, well your score was also transformed quite negatively.

Frankly the system has been mostly figured out on the grief side and if this formula has so many weights, I highly doubt that same score scenarios would be a problem. I mean, that was a supposed reason for this change back in the day. However, that is also now untrue as in sigil events, having the same score on the leaderboard yields the same reward currently.

A great deal of troops are either useless or unusable due to the scoring method. The scoring method is unclear about other methods such as lethal damage or destroy so those seem quite fine. While this is kept secret, most of the better teams for offense and defense are known almost making any additional details obsolete except for essentially biased scoring against a good selection of troops.

At this point, I don’t think even they know how it works with the constant bugs and sudden gameplay “adjustments” to fix a delve “problem”.


I’m not really a fan of necroing a a year dead thread, but go ahead I guess. Don’t be too disappointed when you don’t get the answer you want. Don’t be surprised if the devs don’t have a firm understanding of how it computes anymore.


@Cyrup when this thread was made guild wars was every week. The hundreds of tickets that could come from scoring is now divided by at least 1/4 given that guild wars is way less frequent.
It’s rather difficult to teach new players how to have success with guild wars cause there isn’t an exact formula to be shown. Like imagine how helpful the in game guide would be if people could see exactly how to score points in guild wars. This remains to be the only guild event where success in it isn’t black and white.
@Sirrian in the 17 months since this was posted. I think it’s safe to assume that there won’t be any more changes to guild wars scoring. As far as I know. Not a single post has been made about guild wars scoring since this one. I’d say at least 60% of the players who currently partake in GW have no idea what they are doing. This should concern you since if people don’t know what they are doing. They tend to get frustrated and quit the game.