Guild Wars defense team slots needed

I am currently vip level 5 and have no desire to go any further other than needing extra team slots,which there in lies the problem. Guild Wars defense teams should have 6 different team slots within that mode for you to use freeing up 6 regularly used pvp,soul farming,or other team slots needed within the game. I’m sure a lot of players would favor this,especially newer players who have limited team slots starting off as it is. Make it happen.

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They gave us extra slots when they created guild wars. But separate slots would be nice.

They should be tied to the mode and to the days color, similar to raid and invasion, except you should only set them up once then they would stay that way from week to week tracking with the color of the day. Monday’s setup day would just involve you going in and tweaking things instead of having to go to your team list and put up the correct six teams again, something you still have to do even though the teams are now “saved” from week to week.