Guild Wars and sisters guilds


So you are now saying that all those people who sided with Don don’t count because other people disagreed with them, too? What? I don’t think you understand how debates works.

Just because you agree with the under-represented side of the argument doesn’t mean you get to claim victomhood. You have completely invalidated your original argument which was, opposing views aren’t “allowed”.

At this point continuing to debate this with you seems pointless as you seem to have an agenda to paint yourself and others as victims simply because you disagree with the majority of posters on this topic. Sorry but I don’t but it and your arguments don’t hold water.

And as to why people are allowed to get upset, see my previous post above yours.


No need to apologize but I appreciate the clarification. :slight_smile:

As to closing the post, I would agree with you if this was still arguing about if Don did anything wrong or not but the post has evolved now in that it’s discussing @yonizaf feelings of victomhood and I think that is enough of a different topic that it’s worth hashing out. Though I might be alone in that opinion lol


No, I was saying that no one was ‘siding with Don’. Sure, there were some people who tried to protect him, saying that the way he was attacked was unjustified, but none that actually agreed with his opinion and supported it (his initial opinion, anyway. now he sings tunes very much to the spirit of the thread, so siding with him is no problem).

And yes, when 10 people tag you as a cheater, you are tagged as a cheater, even if 10 other people said that you are ‘not that bad’ and what you did was ‘technically not cheating’. That doesn’t really help to reverse the damage to your name. Maybe such half-hearted ‘protection’ even makes it worse. I’m sure nobody here would like to go through the same thing as Don did, even if you promise them the same ‘protection’.


This is just blatantly untrue; in fact the very first “in support” response happens less than 10 posts after Don’s post: Guild Wars and sisters guilds. So either you are lying or you haven’t read through the thread completely. Maybe it’s time for you to stop since it’s obvious you aren’t taking this seriously.


how about you quote some then?

Again, since Don said he regretted what he did and apologized on his very first post, it was not very much possible to ‘side’ with him, as he supposedly did not hold these ‘faulty’ views anymore since he first set foot in this thread. It was only possible to comfort him and try to protect him from the attacks of others.

So basically what I’m asking: How many people did you see in this thread who came up and said that they think allying with other guilds is fine and should be allowed? how was the reaction? how many of these (assuming you find any) did not backpedal at top speed as a result of said reaction?


Reread my previous post. I’d already edited it in. LESS than 10 posts after Don’s original post. So which is it? Are you lying or incompetent? Either way I suggest you stop, you’re not going to win this argument because you’re, at best, wrong or you’re being purposefully duplicitous. Either way I don’t have anything further to discuss with you on this topic as I just handed you your ass. mic drop


Another proof that people don’t have the right to disagree with you.
This thread is not a debate since a few people have decided that they know what is right or wrong and that they are a more qualified authority than the devs.

I would just like to point out two things:

  • the poll started by @MakoSipper might reflect some different views than those expressed in this thread.
    Either because they think it would not solve the problem or maybe because they think there is not such a problem, more than half of the people have voted that defense teams should be able to have any number of troop.
    Poll: Do defense teams need limitations?

  • it seems that @Saltypatra has missed the thread, but there are some bugs on the number of battles and possibly on scores.
    I think it would be nice to be sure that the scores and, as a consequence, the rankings, are correct before anything.
    152/150 GW Battles


lol you’re funny and have obviously no idea what you’re talking about in the slightest if you think that. Maybe read the topic before you comment on it. Roflmao.


How fun, you found one. a poster who hardly ever visits the forum (so no reputation to uphold), yet he was extremely careful with his words - saying that it’s ‘logical’ and explaining why (we already know), but not that it’s ethical and should be allowed, clarifying that he doesn’t do it (why is it needed if he thinks it’s fine?), and even suggesting ways to prevent it…? Also not a word about Don, so he wasn’t even protecting him. And he did not return to protect his point after the bashing continued. And that’s the best you could find?

That’s a great example of what I was talking about. The few posts that somehow support alliance are super-timid and careful, and would barely count to protect their own point, while the posts against are super-clear, vocal, angry and blaming, making it so no one wants to cross the poster by presenting a clear opposing opinion.


If you don’t see anything wrong with doing this, then there is either something seriously wrong with you, or your just trying to justify your bad behavior.

You are 100% ruining it for all other guilds that play guild wars fair and square, and it also indicates once again why the current reward system is messed up.

A few guilds working together doing this, will score the top positions of each weekly result.

Congratulations on ruining guild wars for everyone else, just so you can get your big reward at the end of the week.


I love how you change your tune everytime I prove you wrong.

“Nobody is allowed to voice a different opinion!”

Here are a bunch of people doing just that.

“Yeah but everyone else was mean and were rude to Don”

No, they weren’t. I wasn’t and many others weren’t.

“Fine but you’ll never find anyone voicing support for Don!”

Cites support

“You’ll never find two people!”

Really, @yonizaf? It’s been fun but you’re just making yourself look silly. If you really want the forums to be more civil then you should start with the one person you can control, yourself. Lying is worse than anger. I’ll take a board full of angry people over a board full of liars any day of the week.


I’m not sure who this was directed at so I just want to say a few this:

  1. I agree with your sentiment
  2. Don has apologized and said he now understands why what he attempted to do was wrong (he never actually did it so his guild didn’t benefit from this “loophole”
  3. it’s really the Devs that need to step up and resolve this loophole.



Everything you said in my name I did not actually say. Not just the words, the meanings also. I answered perfectly each of your points without changing my opinion all the while, but you’re just twisting my words to make it sound otherwise. for someone who keeps claiming that others can’t (or didn’t) read, how about you learn to read yourself?


Good bye, @yonizaf. Everything is there in black and white for anyone to read. You can try to bob and weave all you want but you lied and I caught you; multiple times. This is now utterly boring and tiresome and pointless.


It was directed at everyone defending doing this.
It wasn’t directed at anyone person in particular.

I don’t think the devs can resolve this, unless they change the way the current reward system is setup.

If top guilds (max bonuses) work together on this, then they will divide all the top rewards every week among themselves. Ruining guild wars for everyone who plays legit.

The only way to really fix this, is to reward the winning guilds per bracket, instead of the guilds with the overal highest scores.


For what it’s worth, I’m the GM of one of the top guilds and we’re not doing this. I have no knowledge of the other guilds so can’t speak for them but my hope is they’re not doing this either as that would be very disappointing and detrimental to GW and GoW, in my opinion; to say nothing about being counter to the spirit of what Guild Wars is supposed to be.


All I can say at the end of this thread it’s that after all that’s happened we are fighting in bracket1 with only 25 players…even if we have 27…


that’s not what I said. I did say they were afraid to, and that’s correct. I spoke with multiple people who told me they were afraid, and I explained why. The fact that after the reaction he got Don said he didn’t want to post in the forums anymore shows that they were right to be afraid.

Who’s everyone? most of the world’s popultation who are not on the forums were not mean or rude to him. so? Fact stands that the attacks on him far outweighed the support, so he had to keep apologizing nonstop and even with all the 'protectio’n he surely still feels bad about the whole thing.

I did explain exactly beforehand what I was expecting of a proper support, and what is the half-hearted support that is possibly worse than none. The example you gave fit exactly in what I was stating beforehand to be a bad support.

also never said that. The example you gave was bad, it proved my point rather than the opposite, and I explained why. So I’m really still waiting for the first.

Good bye to you too. Though not because I’m leaving here (I have no intention to).


OMG! That is literally the first thing you posted:

I just can’t do it. How many lies do you need me to catch you in before you go away?


I clearly explained what I meant by that in the next sentence, how people were afraid, And you have yet to show me a single post that clearly stated alliances should be allowed (not just that they are “currently not forbidden” thus it is “technically not cheating”), which means I was right - this specific thread does not allow people to voice certain specific opinions without a fear of serious repercussions.

This has completely different meaning to what you ‘quoted’ in my name - “Nobody is allowed to voice a different opinion!”, and the fact that both use the word “allow” somehow doesn’t change that.