Guild Wars and sisters guilds


You are lying. Please stop.

I now regret disagreeing with @Darkness regarding having @Saltypatra close the thread. Sorry, Darkness; you were wiser than I.

Please Salty, you are our only hope to stop this madness.


Ok i hope nobody minds if i chime in here…

First i wanna say that @ogunther and @yonizaf i like both of you and i dont like seeing you guys appearing to dislike each other (emphasis on appearing)

Next you both have good points here so lets see if we can break this discussion down to its constituents…

@ogunther this forum is an excellent place for discussion and debate where all sides of a topic have a chance to be heard so on this point i agree with you.

@yonizaf this topic does seem to be the rare exception to that as evidenced by the very harsh response to @DonBoba and anybody who stepped up to defend him.

What i see here is a huge misunderstanding that got out of control.

Now i have no skin in this game so maybe my unbiased opinion could be helpful so here it is…

What i think is important here is intent. If i can take @DonBoba at his word (and i have absolutely zero reason not to) his intent was not dishonest or malicious in any way but the backlash he got would make one think he had just drowned a batch of puppies. I seem to remember someone saying “everything he does from this point forward is suspect” and anyone who tried to defend him got similar treatment.

Now according to the recently posted community guidelines (with which i have become very familiar i might add) @Saltypatra says that we get new users to the forums every day and this kind of response might discourage them from voicing “unpopular” viewpoints.

This, i think, would be a bad thing because without differing opinions this forum would quickly become an echo chamber (then how would we ever get famine nerfed) and i refise to participate in an echo chamber because those are only good for inflating egos and mine needs no help there.

So i guess what im trying to say is lets all take a step back and logically look at both sides of the issue and promote open and healthy discussion.

Tl;dr Be excellent to each other


I appreciate your attempt to defuse the situation, @Vangor but I can’t respect or shake hands with someone who lies and then answers that with more lies to try and talk their way out of it. Just can’t do it.


Dear @yonizaf and Dear @ogunther,

for all the ppl who might side a different opinion then the commonly respresented here, and for whatever purposes (be it fear from getting assaulted or anything else) not voicing their opinion - i just want to add that there probably is even greater number of ppl who has exact same opinion then the one commonly represented here not voicing their opinion simply sause they dont tend to write in forum. Not to mention uncounted amounts of ppl who who dont care and dont need to side with either.
In general forum is a place where only small % of playerbase voices their opinion and i think it is silly to try to account just one of those unvoiced opinions while being silent about the other unaccounted unvoiced opinions.

and about lack of opinions that may side with @DonBoba original decision, here:

what i said is: “if its legal its completely fine” - which pretty much sides with the concept of “gw cheats” that Don at that time was forced to represent

i sure asked for it to become illegal but that doesnt contradicts with Don’s original as he was simply reacting on the “current” state of gw, while my request was concerning “future” of gw
i sided with him with one exception that i needed a confirmation from devs that it is indeed “legal” while he didnt need it at a time

i think its good enough of a bold opinion to say that a siding opinion was represented, but if not, here is another:

that basically says its/was fine and not cheating.


Drop it! You are just losing your time talking to a brick wall.
Yes, this thread obviously needs to be closed.


I would agree with you @ogunther if i thought that was what @yonizaf did… Again i think this is a misunderstanding that blew up and maybe the best thing to do would be to put a pin in it for the time being and revisit it later wthout so much heat and like i said in my previous post look at both sides

Im not saying you have to shake hands, just try to see what the other guy is saying


Again, I appreciate it. I know you have the best intentions but he has lied. Multiple times. Maybe he truly meant something else but then he could say “You’re right that’s what I said but not what I meant”. He’s not doing that. He’s lying. Not really any other way of looking at it.




lol perhaps.


The bottom line is that a dev said out her own mouth that two guild collusion is not in the “spirit” of Guild Wars. I’m not sure how anyone can argue about the right or wrong of it after that statement.

Now, a person can decide they don’t care about that and decide to do it anyway because they only care about winning at any cost. But, let’s not pretend it wasn’t made clear that this behavior is not ok even from the game maker perspective.


I know what you’re doing! You’re playing the long con here, acting all serious and reasonable, but you can’t fool me!!! I know what you’re up to! I know it is coming, you can mask it with as many well-crafted posts as you like, but i see right through them!!
You probably sit there rubbing your hands like a villain while posting these masterpieces of deception, but i got you figured out, and when noone else expects it you will kill this thread with a coup de grace Meme you already got locked and loaded! But i will be prepared!


If I did my math right, we’re only allowed one meme per post now so you know he’s crafting the memeist of meme’s!


I’m sure Vangor will time that dank meme to drop just before thread lock.


@Gouki you make me :smiley: cuz you think my post is a “well crafted masterpiece”

And @ogunther & @Ashasekayi normally you would be correct but alas… It has been made clear to me that anymore memes on this thread will not be tolerated and if i get banned everyone would have to do without my charm and wit and i dont want to subject everyone to my absence


But what if you delete your other meme and post a new one? You’d still only have one meme!

(I’m kidding, @Saltypatra ! Do not Not do this, @Vangor! As @Doghouse so astutely noticed, I’m in Kindergarten and so am incapable of rational advice and am not responsible for my actions! Oooh! Crayons!)


just casual post passing by


Some people like to play it safe, some people like to break the rules, and some people like to push the limits of every legal advantage. I’m a play it safe kind of person myself, but I don’t have a problem with those who push the limits. The opinions of the rule makers don’t change anything until they make a new rule.


Dont worry @ogunther i would be foolish to take advice from a talking tree… No good can come of it


I am Groot. :grimacing:


Yes yes… We know… You am groot… sigh