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Guild Wars and Lycanthropy

Guild Wars is soon. Since the last release, there’s been issues in PvP where people were forced to retreat because the game broke. https://community.gemsofwar.com/t/known-issue-pvp-battle-stuck-on-enemy-turn/

Curious if the game breaks only when you as the player cast Lycanthropy, or if it can happen if the enemy casts Lycanthropy on you too.

I can see some troll teams happening next week with this bug/feature. :popcorn:

Do you think an announcement like this will help or dismay the appearance of this happening?

Neither actually. I think most people who would want to do that are already aware. Personally I’m going through my teams and making sure my teams won’t break someone’s game. Hopefully others will too.

I do think some people may get frustrated next week when they lose due to buggy code. This should be fixed before GW to avoid that.

Oh I see, the more people talk about something. The less possiblity of it being known to others who didn’t know already. Or the higher possiblity. Or the same amount of possibility as if it wasn’t talked about at all.

I feel like we have a better chance at a first or second resurrection depending on ones faith. Than the Devs fixing it before GW. But hey… anything can happen right.

It’s too late now. People will spread good news if given the opportunity; however they will spread bad news to anyone who will stand still long enough. It’s just the way it is

As for Guild Wars, some will do the right thing and some won’t. I’m reminded of that quote… well we know the ‘rules’ so we can play the game, things like this just make it harder to want to.

Don’t take your hero in against EoE — simple workaround, if I’m understanding the bug correctly.

I actually hope everybody uses EoE on this one. Other than the flustercuck it would cause which might lead to a rework you guys are hoping for the outrage here would be awesome.

I hope your car breaks down on the way to work. It’ll make my laugh when something you pay for or count on working, just goes to shit because 🤷.

If that seems juvenile then so is your 100th comment stating you hope people use something that’s bugged. Post that they are upset about it. So you can laugh at them for being upset.

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Oh yeah? Well, I hope one day you order a burger and ask for medium rare and they give you medium instead

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