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Guild The Journeymen is recruiting ps4

We are recruiting on ps4 our guild is relaxed in that we ask that you play some every week and that you donate some gold and trophies every week .
We are at number 240 and want to reach number 100

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Hello, I’ve been playing GoW for about two weeks now and looking for an active guild. Currently in one and it seems that I’m really the only one active in the guild I joined.

Lvl 49, donated over 30k, 14 kingdoms, 80+ troops.

Psn - Garg0yle_74 (yes the 0 is a zero)
Message me if my application worthy :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok i need your invite code to send you an invite to the guild.


Ok, I backed out the other guild
Thanks for the opportunity

Welcome Garg0yle in this guild. I’m Thor

I would like to join guild I am an active player and I play daily send me an invite MERLIN_RKAF

You first need to leave your guild then we can invite you to guild the journeymen

Recruiting is open…

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HI, I just left a guild that was pretty much 1 cousin and a few friends, but none of them play anymore so, i had 2,600+ trophies and donated 1.8m+. Kinda feel bad leaving but this new update has kinda made me feel like i need to take guilds more seriously in what i can both offer and what they can offer to me. I am a daily player and have no intentions of having that status change in the foreseeable future, I am LVL282 all kingdoms at LVL10, i have every armour, all kingdoms with 1 gold star or more, highest being 3 gold stars. I’m not sure what other information you require, but upon request would be more than happy to provide it, new to forums here also.

Thank you for reading my application and I look forward to taking my Gems to the next level with you :slight_smile:

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Ok need your invite code to be able to invite you to our guild.

Thank you :slight_smile: it’s -


K invite sent and welcome to our guild.

Just accepted :slight_smile: thankyou again. Do you have a homepage for this guild?

Hi, I’m lookling to join an active guild, I play most days … Invite Code is CUBJNR_edfm

Welcome on board

Sent invite…

Lvl 112, i play almost everyday, can i join?
Invite code: kronvidnet_rcw4

Send invite this afternoon at 15:00

Sorry…but my GOW crash today