The Brotherhood guild recruitment! Ps4

Hi I’am the guild leader of The brotherhood guild on Ps4. We are a Kingdom 1st guild so the majority of your gold should go there because currently it takes around 2.6 millon gold to level all kingdoms to 10. The only thing I ask is that all members play guildwars if over level 50 don’t worry about winning or losing just try. Also remember to collect your seals. We are also a very friendly group and use mics for most guild business I do however use guild chat to make announcements and my thoughts on current guildwars opponent I play at 5:30 am to 6am then from 4pm to around 8pm all Central Standard Time sometimes I do play more but I work as do all guildmates and most of us are over 30 yrs old. I spend most of my time helping others and farming gold. We are also a very good starter and mid level guild. If you wanna join shoot me a message on ps4 @ Spidergod076. Happy gem matching

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