Guild Roster messed up (OK now)


Since 2.0 went live our guild roster, which we liked to have in member rank order now seems to be in teir order. Whats that all about ? Any chance of allowing the old order of things?


Have you got a screenshot? I’m looking at my own guild roster and it seems to be in seniority order still (based on their rank within the guild)


Uh, in a slightly different error, here’s what my guild roster looks like when sorted by PVP. At least we got the home kingdoms correct!

Also, did you know that you can press your guildmates’ cards in the guild roster and get taken to their profile? It isn’t necessarily filled with correct information (check out that PVP score at the bottom), but it’s a start.


Ahhh - its ok - a few of guildies havent made it to 1001 yet - thats why at first glance it looked odd.


I knew about this and told chat in channel 1. I love fighting myself.