Guild Roster bugged

No issue with guild or game mechanics, but guild roster appears to be bugged this morning.

Roster states that membership is 30/30, when in reality, there are presently 29 members. Not sure how long this has been an issue, but I noticed it while “cleaning house”.

Initially, I assumed there was a lag between members being removed from guild and the roster count making that reflection, but this still has not altered.

Guild name is Shai Tan’s Chosen

It seems you have a person (name of CGMOON) who may have been in your guild at some stage.
Your guild thinks he is there, but he is actually in ANOTHER Guild.
I’m gonna figure out how to fix that up for you!

Thank you Sirrian!!

This appears to have been fixed, but it is now occurring again. Roster is showing 30/30, when in reality there are 29 members.

I thank you in advance (once again) for your continued support. It is greatly appreciated.

Happy Easter!