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[guild] Disappeared from the roster

I joined another guild today, and I was in the roster contributing. Now since the last patch I think, I’m still in the guild and can see the chat, tasks etc. It has 30/30 members. But I am not in the roster. Also when I count everyone I only see 29.

To make matters worse I contributed to tasks, but never get any rewards when they finished. I don’t want to leave this guild cause it’s active and appeals to me.

As you can see the screen is extending like I should be there:

Did you move up? Were you promoted and twords the front of the list ?

No I’m just not on the list, I checked it. Also the guild master confirmed he can’t see me either. You can however see my contributions on the activity list. But beside that nowhere. Like I joined the guild but I’m not participating.

I’m also missing out on a lot of rewards :disappointed:

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Your a bad @$# Ninja lol Under cover kinda thing

Could you contact support and explain what has happen? We may be able to work out what has happened here.

I just filed a support request. Thank you.