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Guild rewards mixed up

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
An odd one. When a guildmate completes a task the mail says your name has completed the following task not the person who actually did complete it. Example porkypieman finished the last blue task but my mail said I did, not him. Other guild mates reporting the same.

I got credit for completing tasks while I was at work. Given that men can’t multitask I can safely say that I didn’t complete said tasks.


If I was getting credit for everyone else completing tasks, i’d be like…

You all are welcome, and you all need to do better.

I call that getting tricked by business.


Your new guild mates must love you :wink:

However that’s not the exact way this issue works.

Guild task is complete by Lyndale, for example.
She gets her rewards, it tells her she completed it.
I get my rewards, it tells me I completed it.
Porkypieman gets his rewards, it tells him that he completed it.
And you, Mr. Wolf, get nothing.


How rude, sir.


Lol yep the reciever is being credited with completion. Not a terrible thing as we ARE getting the rewards but odd.
Darn your hide HK. Why couldn’t you have needed a temp guild last week? I could have made up the bed in the Very Important Peon room for ya! Sheesh


I am getting that too. It is really strange. I just was told I completed 8 event keys and I hadn’t done anything in over 3 hours.

You’re just that good Taisiakat lol

There were a lot of guilds I would have loved to gone to and support, but I had a lot of offers. Way more than I thought, so I just went with the first one that aligned with what I want from the game. Sorry, you are very kind Lyndale.

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We’re also seeing this glitch in our guild.