Guild ninja invites

Can we please figure out some way to incorporate a “decline and block invites from this guild” feature into the game, or even an option to auto-decline guild invites? I find it legitimately irksome that the only way to stop ninja invites or being bothered with repeated invitations is to “suck it up and just join a guild”. I’m sure that I’m not the only player who has zero desire to join any sort of guild whatsoever.

I’ve received multiple, repeated invitations from “Gems and Glory”, which is run by a player that I blocked because of his repeated attempts to pressure me to join.


Can’t you create your own guild and make it invite only? :thinking:

You’d be on your own, could ignore guild stuff, no one could bother you anymore as you can’t sent invites to people currently in a guild…


The point remains that this is coming from a player that I’ve blocked. Therefore this person shouldn’t even be able to find me to send all these invites constantly. A player should not have to create an invite-only guild to be left alone by someone harassing them to join. I’m simply suggesting that there be an option to block invites from a specific guild once you’ve already declined them. Any decent guild has the common courtesy to ask once and leave you be.

point taken, but after years of complaints about the chat and guild features in this game the odds of them fixing this is 0.0. So I would suggest the above idea.

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It will never happen, as suggested by others form a guild of one. Problem solved.

Is this legit? Their system is still allowing a player to harass you even when blocked? Sounds libelous.

Dead legit. I blocked the person and he’s still sent multiple invitations from that guild. Normally I ignore ninja invitations and move along, but this one particular guild has bothered me. The idea of “Just form a one-man guild” doesn’t address the root problem. Then again, how often is the root problem addressed around here?

But if it will at least block getting spammed by unwanted invites, what do you have to lose?

I am also curious, what do you have against Guilds as is…?

I have zero issue with guilds. To the contrary, I think it’s a wonderful experience for players who want in. I simply don’t wish to join a guild at this point in time, and I fail to see how that is such a massive issue.

Since it would take several month/years/decades to get this developed, you should simpy follow sylverscales advice and found your own guild to prevent any further invitations.



I raised this with the team this morning to investigate what further features we could implement in future for when a player is blocked by another, Guild invites and how chat is displayed being among them.


Chat and guild systems are completely separate stuff. If the blocked player have you invite code he can invite you any time.
Take over a good dead guild, clean it out, enjoy the game.

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It’s not really separate stuff, e.g. you can’t change the guild announcement while you have a chat ban in place. The game could easily not deliver a guild invite in case the recipient has the sender blocked.

Or the invite could be coming from other players in the same guild.