Guild Mean Machine (rank 40.) recruting + video

Guild Mean Machine is looking for 1 new member.

All the info of the guild will be in the video below, plus it will show our performance.

If you are interested in joining us, leave the comment on the forum, or send me a message on forum.


Love it! Join ussss :grin:

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I really liked to see a guild getting represented with a video! Keep up the spirit, guys! :slight_smile:


Thanks, glad you liked it :slight_smile:


Great work Don. Love the video and love the logo! Look ma I’m on TV! I’m on da youtubezz.


Also, I’ll let you guys in on a secret: Our guild leader is Skeleros disguised as a human :skull_crossbones:

Can’t hide my voice though muhahahha :skull:

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Congrats on hitting TOP 50!

Thank you :slight_smile:

We have a new spot open :slight_smile:
Our masteries are at 67/68.
We donated 5.000.000 in the last 36 hours. Want to be a part, leave your invite code or send me a message.

May I join? I’m in 83 lv with 150/200 k gold usually but can do more if needed, have dragon armor and first weekly.
Code alebenja1981

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Oh nice, I think you answered my post earlier today :wink:

Invite sent :slight_smile:
Sorry for keeping you waiting I was sleeping.

1 spot open.
We climbed another rank :slight_smile:
Our requirements from 2.1 will be 700 seals (aiming to get easy 20k chest every week) and we will determine how much gold minimum once we see how the economy changes with 2.1 and how much gold is available per player.
We are looking for very active player, level isn’t important.
About 6.5m gold donated this week so far.

Hi DonBoba… I chatted with you a couple nights ago. Wish to join whenever… Will send you a message. too.

Got the message, like I said in chat I’ll contact you as soon as we get a spot open :slight_smile:

We got 1 new spot open. Rank 46., guild guardians levels 70-72, etc set of tasks completed, rest at levels 7-10. 35k seals a the moment.
Weekly requirements:
1000 seals and 200k gold.
If you are interested leave your invite code or send it to me through a message :slight_smile:

1 more spot open,
We reach 40k seals (well reached last week and will do this week too)
Finish purple and red tasks on the first day so we constantly have magic and attack bonuses.
Guardians range from level 70 to level 74.
Weekly requirements 1000 seals and 200k donation.
If you are interested respond here with your invite code or send me a message.

Lvl 60 Active player, now in pvp more than 100 trophies week.

Invite code: MANSONJR

You think you will reach 1000+ seals a week and donate 200k gold?