⚠ ☞Guild Mean Machine(rank 30, bracket 5) is recruiting 🌟 looking for 2 more members ⚠


Hahahaha you totaly nailed it! :smiley:


The weekend consists of more than one day. Yet another thing you fail to grasp.


You are not mid to high tier guild material. A thing you fail to grasp.


Reading comprehension is not your strong suit. Whether or not I’ll have 1k seals, 500k gold and 300 trophies done by sunday or done by wednesday is irrelevant.


Oh 2 days a week, excuse me.

How many top guilds want this player? He will give you 2 days of absolute rock solid performance. Make sure everyone completes the tasks before he has a chance to donate though. Communication is not a strong suit here, unless apparently you need him to bad mouth your guild on the forums. He’ll be there for that!


Playing comprehension is not your strong suit. Knowledge of the game is not your strong suit.
Reaching top guild requirements is not your strong suit.
Being a drama queen is your strong suit.


It’s not drama if I’m informing potentially interested appliers that they should know to have their weekly requirements done by Wednesday morning, and not by the end of the week. An important information you oughta put into your first post. :wink:


Well new members just need to show they won’t be leeches. Especially if they are as low in level as you are.
How am I going to spot a leech like you otherwise? :slight_smile:
If you wanted to warn leeches not to join us, but rather only dedicated players who are going to play and reach their requirements fast, in that case you are right. We want those kind of members.


See, any player who doesn’t have the requirements done by Wednesday morning is a “leech” (hey, at least you learned how to spell it right this time :D) by your standards. If that’s the case, then you should probably let other people know that. Something along the lines of.

Weekly Requirements (our week goes from Monday to Tuesday): 1500 Seals, 1M Gold and 500 Trophies.

That oughta get rid of people applying who, in your eyes, are “leechers” because they play on different days than you do.


Or if the person applying to the guild were open and honest about being useless, they never would have been recruited.

How new to the game is this person @DonBoba? What level is he? I can tell he doesn’t have much guild experience.


If your weekly requirements are met, and this person, according to you, is still “useless” to your guild, then I’d advise you to overthink your weekly requirements, pal. :slight_smile:



Since replying to this topic is your definition of “drama”, does that mean you are also starting drama?


For someone who claims we all take this game to seriously you do seam to be putting a lot of effort into warning others of MM’s supposedly unfair treatment of you. If its just a game and should not be taken seriously then why don’t you STFU and move on?


You not being able to reach one tenth of our requirements in 2 days screams leech alert. About 5 members reached our requirements to this point of the week. But only you got kicked. Think about it :wink:


Hey look everyone! I have time to bitch and moan on the forums but not to actually play the game because…reasons!

I’ve been kicked out of two guilds for the same exact reason but it’s not me, it’s them! Because I’m special and I deserve special treatment.

Go away, clown; you’re about as useful as a bag of broken condoms.


@HKdirewolf he is level 111.


I don’t know why I love the conversation above. Maybe that’s because I don’t understand English well…

everyone will be happy if Raito adjusted his game strategy with his playstyle.
Play this week (a bit more if you dont have gold in hand), save it, donate for next week, get some more in the next week :slight_smile:


Heh, as if it wasn’t sad enough that your arguments are so weak that you need 3-4 people to argument vs 1 person, now you even stoop as low as to insult me. This is my last post here. Just for the people who considered joining: Think twice, because, remember: If you haven’t met the weekly requirements by Tuesday, you will be kicked, and you will be labelled a leecher. Have a good one.


Yeah that explains it. Sorry this butthole crapped all over your recruitment thread.

Maybe after he keeps getting kicked, he’ll understand. Spots in top guilds are highly coveted. People will kick you to the curb for someone who plays more. We have a person in our guild that did 1,000 trophies in 2 days this week, but somehow I don’t think Raito is cut from the same cloth. :joy::laughing: So 2 days aren’t going to cut it.