Mean Machine (top 50 guild) is recruiting 🌟 Easy requirements, tons of rewards, complete every event!

You do realize that normal people have work throughout the week, right? Just because I haven’t played a lot in TWO out of 7 days is no reason to kick anyone. It’s laughable, to be honest. Nowhere do you mention that you expect people to be consistent. Only that you want the requirements to be finished weekly, which I would have easily done on the weekend. Not everyone is without a job and can play 20 hours within the first two days of the week.

And why would I have to ask about requirements? It’s all listed in this thread, and in your guild banner. I was very aware of the weekly requirements. You were the one who should’ve asked if I’ll be able to finish the requirements instead of instantly kicking.

You want to be a member of a top guild but don’t want to give top level playtime? That’s laughable, to use your own term. 80% of the guild has jobs, so don’t try to use those kind of excuses.
You are low level, new member and barely played. Of course I kicked you, and I don’t regret.

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No, you’re just unable to read, apparently. If I only play 1 hour from Mo-Fr, but play 13hours on Sat and Sun, that’ll be 14 hours/week. That’s still the same acivity as if I had played 2 hours per day. Your requirements state 200k Gold, 1000 Seals and 100 Trophies. That is easily achievable in a couple of hours. Just because I haven’t spent as much time playing as others on TWO out of 7 days doesn’t mean I won’t make up for it on the weekend. You should’ve waited untill the week is over to see if I had achieved the requirement instead of prematurely kicking. Get your head out of your butt and use some logic. I’m also glad to have avoided the bullet that is this guild.

Our requirements also include 1000 guild points. You have no clue how to earn them, and I told you to go to our discord to get everything explained. You didn’t do that. Our requirements are much higher then what you wrote. At least double.

Glad you dodged a bullet? With your activity you’ll never join a guild as active as we are. So yeah what bullet? The bullet that earned you all guild tasks in 2 days without you doing anything? Someone shoot me with that bullet.


Some people…

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Sad to see that the own guild leader doesn’t know that he has the guild point conversion rate in the banner. There is no need to enter discord to find out. Your guild message clearly states how trophies, gold and seals convert into GP. By Doing the normal weekly requirements (1000 seals, 100 trophies and 200k gold) You’ll also have automatically earned 1000GP as per the conversion rate listed in your guild message. Get a grip.

And as you’ve just proven, you really cannot read. I can easily do 1k Seals, 250k+ Gold and 200+ Trophies per week. That is more than enough to join guilds even better than this one. Stop kidding yourself and get off your high horse. It’s game.

Honey guild points start counting after you reach that. 200k gold donated doesn’t award you a single point of GP. Donations after 200k gold start building your GP up. Same goes for any other resources. But you didn’t bother asking, and you clearly didn’t understand.
Those stats that you can achieve aren’t enogh for guild that are less active then us, don’t fool yourself :slight_smile:
450k gold donated (500GP)
1250 seals (150GP)
200 trophies (400 GP)
Would result in 1050 guild points. Or the bare minimum to pass the requirements. So as you see you are not close to being enogh active for us. And our avarage guild points from members is above 2000 so just double those numbers to get our avarage performance. That’s how far you are from our average.

We even have a bot on discord that calculates your GP if you just insert your stats on gold/trophies/seals so you don’t bother with doing the calculations. But you were to lazy to even check it out.

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First of all, just because I hadn’t entered discord yet doesn’t mean I would not have by the end of the week, but apparently that’s another thing besides grammar and spelling you don’t seem to be able to quite grasp. Secondly, I literally just joined a guild over 10 ranks higher than yours, so that’s off the table as well. Thirdly, if you’re not going to be honest about weekly requirements in your own recruitment thread, then every single person with just an ounce of a brain will know to avoid this guild, because you clearly just seem to be a person who wants to feel superior to anyone else. Maybe once you’ll grow out of your teens, you’ll understand. And yes, 450k Gold, 1250 Seals and 200 Trophies would have been easily achievable by the end of the week as well.

I have been leading Mean Machine for almost 472 days. In that time I learned to spot a leacher when one joins. You sir are a leacher. I am 100% sure you wouldn’t reach requirements by the end of the week.

It is you who read the requirements wrong, not me. They clearly say AND 1000 GP.[quote=“Raito, post:29, topic:15265”]
I literally just joined a guild over 10 ranks higher than yours

How good for you. Did you know that we are more active then 50% of the guilds that are in higher ranks then our rank? So either you joined a guild that’s less active or a guild that’s on around the same activity level. If it’s the same activity level expect to be kicked from that guild too.[quote=“Raito, post:29, topic:15265”]
if you’re not going to be honest about weekly requirements in your own recruitment thread

How is your inability to read correctly what I wrote down equal to me not being honest in the recruitment post? O.o

Playing the man not the ball, how classy. Not everyone speaks English a s a first language. You are being petty and petulant.

I’ve been in MM for a long time and only a couple of people have ever been disgruntled that they left. If Don was as unreasonable as you are making out then there would be a long queue of people here to back you up, and yet…


Heh just got this thought. If you spent as much time playing as you have spent trying to bad mouth our guild you wouldn’t even be kicked.
But on the end, am I said to have kicked someone who donated 40k gold, contributed with 118 seals and did 11 pvp matches in 2 days time? Not even close. I’m rather happy for doing so.

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I don’t speak english as a first language either. :wink: Your whole reason to kick me was because of a gut feeling. You think I would not have been able to meet requirements and kicked solely based on that. That’s just plain stupid, and you know it. GL finding people with that attitude and acting on assumptions.

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Well we reached the ranks we are at now. Seems to me that our actions and performance speaks louder then we ever could? :slight_smile:
So thank you for wishing us luck, I have no doubt we will find members that are as active as everyone else in the guild is.
Good luck to you too, on finding a guild that suits your playtime.

Also if you thought our guild was bad you wouldn’t be so upset about being kicked from it. You would have exited yourself. But doesn’t it feel sweet getting all the guild rewards so fast? That we already got 26k seals. That’s what’s your problem is, that you won’t get that from us anymore. Not us being bad, but rather you not being able to leech.

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As the guild leader of another top 30 guild I just want to pop in here to reiterate a point I haven’t seen mentioned which is that a guild doesn’t owe a new member anything until they’ve proven themselves to the guild. Most people understand that when they first join a guild (whether top ranked or not) is like when you first join anything, a new job, a new sports team, etc, this is the time when it’s most important to prove yourself as you’re joining a group who already has (that’s why you want to join them in the first place).

If you can’t hit the ground running right out of the gate, you’d better at least communicate that (preferably before you’re accepted) otherwise don’t act surprised when you’re kicked. You wouldn’t start a new job and then not bother to show up for the first two days, even if they had a flexible work week.

Ultimately, there’s no reason for a guild to take a risk on you if you can’t be bothered to communicate with them in an adult manner. Furthermore, being so clueless as to do that AND then come to the forums to bitch about it just proves you’re not ready for an active guild. Don’t try to pin it on MM just because you didn’t step up when they gave you a chance.


Comparing a guild to a job is ridiculous. This is a game, not a real life job. This is just further proof that you are taking this way too seriously. No sane boss of any job would kick out an individual after two days without first speaking to the person. Communication goes both ways, and pretending to be above it all is just immature.

There is a lot of ridiculousness going on here but it’s only coming from one person. Good luck finding a guild that puts up with it.


I’m not surprised to see you defend this kind of behaviour, as you are basically the most entitled person in this whole community. Game doesn’t work for half an hour? You’ll have immediately made a thread about it, crying how the devs are incompetent while having absolutely no clue about server structures. Especially considering that the devs have put out info about a server migration long before then as well. Have a nice day. :slight_smile:

You should lead with “I only play on Sundays,” when applying to guilds. See how many top guilds invite you. :wolf:


Hey at least you manged one thing. I’ll have to make a new recruitment post so I can spare people of your drama in this one :slight_smile:

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