Guild Master Retirement Slot

I’ve mentioned this before, but would love to see DEVs make an option for a Guild owner to “retire”. So that they don’t have to abandon a team they made, or become inactive, dragging down the team.

If a guild owner could still be attached to the team as a dormant player, they can still log in to guild, see how they are doing, post in chat group and offer helpful advice. While dormant they wouldn’t be able to do anything more to add to the teams stats. It would be like an unusable 31st slot.

They could offer/promote another teammate to the guild master position.

Then if they log in and notice the team is slipping or the new guild master isn’t doing their job, they could demote and promote someone else into the position.

If you ever wanted to come out of “retirement” you would have to wait until there was an opening in your team, or would have to kick a non-active player if your guild were full, in order to retake guild master position.

I have been playing for about 3 1/2 years only ever missing a handful of days due to travel or vacation away. It would be nice to take a break without it being a detriment to my team.

Can this please be added? :slight_smile:


The GM demotes themselves and then promotes someone else into GM position.
I did this some time back when I retired from GM position so should work unless something has changed.

The OP wants to have a spot without needing to play. If s/he demotes him/herself, then s/he can be kicked (undesirable) or, more likely, still has to play more than s/he wants to in order to meet requirements.

If OP, as GM, simply goes inactive for awhile to avoid these issues, then OP hurts the guild by not playing, and people (maybe) leave. Tough.

I don’t want a player to be allowed to retain their powers if they go inactive, but that’s what the OP is requesting.


I see what they are saying now that I reread it a couple of times. Agreed that what they want not only eould not work but will never happen. Retirement from the game is just that.

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Realistically, it’s largely equivalent to another request that’s been made in the past, which is to create a ‘2nd-in-command’ role that can basically do anything except kick the GM (and which I support). They’d just have to log in every 21 days to prevent being ousted by the 2IC.

The main difference would be the number of active members in the guild.

I’m not really against having a non-participatory (31st+) position in the guild that can’t contribute gold, seals, trophies, or to events, but can chat and manage the roster/recruitment, etc. It might need a few other controls, though :man_shrugging:.

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I would rather see this than people disband. I don’t know why, but it always hits me hard when a really good guild disbands. All that effort, energy, money, and time for all of those people, wasted. I guess it’s because i was part of a two-guild system that for disbanded, and the aftermath was terrible. 55 people who truly cared, and were proud of their guilds… This might reduce the likelihood that a burnt out guild leader disrespects all of that, because they can’t handle the thought of not having the ability to just retake the guild.

I like it, would like to see a designated successor option. If i die tomorrow, i don’t want just any if my rank 2s to have it, and my rank 2s have earned their dark green.

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This is a good and fair idea. A GM shouldn’t lose their guild just because they need to take a break. I’ve had guilds stolen from me before in other games and it feels bad. Not allowing a GM to place themselves on ‘injured reserve’ causes more disbanding/mass gkicking, which feels MUCH worse to the team than just having a dormant GM.


The suggestion is NOT to retire from the game. If guild master was planning to never return, just promote someone else and move on. What is being suggested is that a Guild Master (especially of End Game lvl) who finds it time consuming and tedious to be on every day, can step back in a verbally supportive role without seeing a team disbanded.

As a guild master I have put a lot of time, money, and years into the game. Many members of the team have as well. To leave and start over after contributing gold and other attributes isn’t fair to anyone on the team. Let the leader (perhaps limited to lvl 1000+ guild leaders), sit back and be a mentor to their team. Checking in regularly to ensure all is well and answering questions from newbies and motivating. Again, with the option to step back in to the action if they so choose and a vacant spot is available on the team.