Suggestions - guild features

Would love to see the following options added:

Ability to click on a team, see who founded it, and when.
A listing of all team members past and present with their join date, and days onboard.
All information stays linked to the team regardless of team leader leaving or disbanding team.
Ability to sort by date joined, days on team, etc.

Would be nice if a Guild owner can assign a “2nd in command”, who essentially has all the same rights of the Guild owner, but cannot demote or kick the guild owner. This would allow team owners to step away for periods as needed and have someone else run their team.

  • Another option would be to have the Guild owner “retire” becoming inactive on points toward guild, allowing a 31st member to join while the owner moves to an observer role. They could only reactivate themselves in the event a player slot opened up on the team.

This would help those who have had teams for years and committed much to them, to take a break without being a burden on their own team.


Great idea!

Even if it’s just a for a week. It would be nice for those in bracket 1 to be able to go on vacation without having to worry about GW or moving guilds for a week.


Itd be nice to see who won guild events like tower of doom.

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I love both ideas.

I think a lot of us are reluctant to change guilds because of our history in the guild.

The weird thing is, the best thing for my progress would actually be to change to a top guild for a few weeks, get a bunch of Legendary Tasks, then return to my current guild. But then my progress would be totally wiped. Now that might not be something to encourage, but certainly if my contribution to my current guild were restored (ie: visible) on rejoining, I’d be much more likely to return from the higher guild! And that is something to be encouraged.

We have that. The second rank is literally exactly that. Depends how many people get placed there. In my guild it is just me there, except our fearless leader hasn’t actually made me do anything yet lol.

I think the OP means another rank that can kick and demote lower ranks. At the moment only the GM can kick/demote


I like this idea very much. Due to my RL job, there are many days I can’t log in at all and sometimes those are consecutive. I would feel much better if I had someone else there that could help out sometimes. I have a very small laid back guild. I can only imagine how it is for those that compete for top spots.

While I understand the thought behind this one, I don’t like this one at all, honestly. What if the SiC just kept getting people to join up as soon as one left and the GM couldn’t get back in? Just off the top of my head, I could see this going the wrong way.

Good ideas, Hollywood!

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This has been suggested before with a fair amount of support from GMs. I’d take it 2 steps further:

  1. the 2nd command rank should be able to hold multiple people if the GM so desires (a right & left hand for instance) and

  2. there need to be a few more ranks in general for guildmates to be able to achieve. As it is, if a GM wants to restrict the 2nd highest rank to his/her closest general(s) there are only 2 more ranks (with negligiable responsibility increases) that guildmates can be promoted to beyond the 1st entry level. For guilds like mine where most people have been members for 9 months to 2 years, there’s nothing left for most to achieve after 6 months in the way of rank.

Alternatively, having more ranks AND the GM being able to customize the resposibilities of each rank would be awesome. But i’d take the above 2 features gladly if customization is out of the question.

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While I understand the thought behind this one, I don’t like this one at all, honestly. What if the SiC just kept getting people to join up as soon as one left and the GM couldn’t get back in? Just off the top of my head, I could see this going the wrong way.

I agree, that could betricky, but you could still boot the least active player to open a slot for yourself if you wanted to reactivate. I’d assume someone would only “retire” for an extended departure. ie. No longer playing the game, just looking to check in every now and then as an observer or to offer advice.

I agree with many here than the Guild options could be ramped up a bit. They don’t offer much depth as they currently are. Rank is essentially meaningless except for “prestige”.

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Yeah the spirit of these suggestions are also in a lot of other suggestions. I think it’s clear running a guild is a bit of a job, and guild leaders would really appreciate being able to delegate more duties.

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Not trying to be snide or insulting here, but what would a person like that be doing as your SiC in the 1st place? It’s certainly not a position for anyone but one’s most trustworthy & loyal members.

Besides, from the OP’s suggestion it sounds like the retired GM would retain their powers, meaning they could kick a rogue SiC & return. Unless i misunderstood that implication.

I would assume the coding of a 31st “ghost” slot would require a complete overhaul of all things guild related and thus be a prohibitive amount of effort for the relatively low benefit. But who knows.

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Bonus though: working on this would probably be progress towards another desired guild feature: “What if only the top 27 counted for scoring?”

I’ve played many games in the course of my life and quite a few of them had guild/clan features. It would not be completely outside the realm of possibility for someone to ingratiate themselves in a clan and then steal from it. Obviously, since you can only give to the guild and not subtract from it, it’s not as much of an issue but I think you can take my inferred point from that. That thought was where I was going with that statement.