Guild invitation long forever

Can something be done? One guy always use a past invite to come back in our guild without our consentment…


Agree. Guild invites should allow one use only and should expire after 1 week.

You might want to create a support ticket and ask them to remove your Guilds invite from the offending players account.

I always thought they did expire after one week. I notice they still hang around for that week even once accepted.

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On my mobile, Guild Invites are single-use only and if it isn’t ever used, it expires after 6 days.
Perhaps the repeat offender in question has found a way to replicate an Invite link inside his Mailbox before using it?

If it’s hacking, then presumed hacking always strikes me as a particularly boneheaded maneuver. Not only does he destroy any remaining goodwill other people might have had for him, he’ll get himself banned, too.