Inactive Guild Leader question

If a guild leader is only logging in (not contributing to the guild or actually playing the game), are they still considered inactive after 21 days?

I think they have to have not played a game for 21 days


I would direct your question to @Saltypatra or

They have to take an action in game to be considered active but ie. They can do nothing but collect their mail and be active.

If you’re in a situation like that with an uncommunicative Guild Leader and you’re sure it’s been more than 21 days (it’s not unusual for your own count to be out by 1-3 days for example) then it’s probably worthwhile just finding a new Guild although I know it sucks as you’ve spent effort to help the one you’re leaving. If the Guild Leader is signing in but not communicating you’ll be at an impasse and the only way to rectify it is for the Leader to start communicating by themselves, leave or for you to leave :frowning:


Thank you to everyone who replied. It shows my guild leader “last seen 19 days ago…” so I was curious if in a few days would they become inactive.

I will wait it out until Sunday and leave if they can’t be kicked.

Appreciate the responses!

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In a group of Discord commented that they had a player in the guild that said “last time seen 30 days ago” but did not come out with the symbol of inactive. I think if you go to pick up the mail the game does not consider it inactive. I do not know if this is the way it has to work or is a mistake

Thank you, that helps a lot. This is definitely an issue that needs to be addressed.

I wish there was a feature for the GM to set the “Inactive” requirement; every guild defines participation differently!

In my guild, we expect daily logins. 21 days is way too lenient.

I know some GMs would even like an autokick feature for players who didn’t live up to the “Active” standard of the guild. It would be great, of course, if such a feature could also be toggled on or off.

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I left my guild based on your suggestion above, not realizing I would lose all my collected guild seals I had been saving, over 5600. Will I get those back when I join a new guild or are they gone for good?

The game guide did not mention losing collected guild seals, just “uncollected.”

Seals you have earned stay with you. You can find your seal count in the Chest section under Guild Keys or the Seals tab of your current guild in the Top Right.

Anything history related is gone:
Gold Donated to the guild
Trophy Earned to the guild
Total Seals Earned in the guild

Its not uncommon to be in a low level guild earning lots of seals and then one day move to a more active guild and spend the seals when the “Guild Weekly Seals” have hit 40,000/40,000.

You can only earn 1,500 Seals a week no matter which guild you earn them in. (not counting orb of clans/major orb of clans/daily login bonus past 1,500 Seals)



Thank you for your response. I am not currently in a guild as I am awaiting an invite, but after reading your reply the thought to check my inventory crossed my mind and it shows all my guild seals. Those do not show in the chest section since I am in between guilds at the moment. I am a newer player still learning. I feel relieved, thanks again!


@Karanak the “last seen” info on profiles is the last time the player was seen fighting a battle in that Kingdom, so it doesn’t include signing in to collect mail or ie. Play Treasure Hunt etc.

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Hi kriss11,

If you haven’t found an active guild yet, we have 2 in our family that are currently recruiting. Our reqs are here: [OPEN] Symbiotica 1.0 / 2.0 Recruiting Daily Players, or see Gertrude/GertrudeToo on game channel 003. :slight_smile:

I found another guild yesterday. Thank you so much for the offer though!

@kafka yes, that I know, that the “last time” is the last fight. For a guild leader it would be better if the sleeping symbol was activated with that “last time” and not with the last entry to the game. So we would detect before the bloodsuckers who only want rewards without doing anything

Hi kriss11,

I’m glad you’ve found an active guild! I wish you the best of luck with them!

Take care.

ok @Karanak I’ll pass that feedback onto the team to consider

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