[OPEN] Symbiotica 1.0 / 2.0 Recruiting Daily Players


The Symbiotica family currently has 2 guilds from which to choose. Please read our requirements carefully.

Whether circumstances change in your life or you just want more of a challenge, you never have to worry as you can easily move between our guilds and stay within our family!

Symbiotica 1.0 Rank: 651 (formerly DarkTaupeTrees)

Symbiotica 1.0 is a multi-level guild with players from the 1200s down (the majority of whom are level 500+). We achieve 40k Seals, currently complete 5 Guild Statues weekly, and have maintained #1 status in our bracket while simultaneously steadily moving up in bracket. We have a great team of friendly members who like helping one another succeed!


  • KINGDOMS: All Krystara KD at level 10
  • SEALS: 1500 weekly
  • GOLD: 500,000 weekly
  • GUILD EVENTS: All played daily
  • DISCORD: Mandatory and checked daily
  • STAY ACTIVE: Daily play

Symbiotica 2.0 Rank: 803

We are a guild that, under our new leadership, is rising out of the ashes to new life, and we invite you to be a part of that! With the success of Symbiotica 1.0 and it’s friendly, helpful members behind us, we are sure to succeed and flourish!


  • All player levels welcome
  • SEALS: 500 weekly
  • GOLD: Weekly, 1k while leveling KD / 100k thereafter
  • GUILD EVENTS: All played daily
  • DISCORD: Mandatory and checked daily
  • STAY ACTIVE: Daily play

Join our Discord server for details and provide us with your Invite Code (Settings menu / gear icon to the right of the game screen). Our server link within Discord: https://discord.gg/ZHmBHBa (Or see me on 003 in-game).


  • WHAT IS IT?: A very powerful chat app that is standard in the gaming community, and can be used to link various gaming related (and other) communities together (making it more of a gaming world).

  • WHY WE USE IT: Game chat is notoriously laggy and messages often get lost in cyberspace ● Discord is used to coordinate gameplay, house info. links, team builds, music, etc. to help our members succeed and have fun! ● We have an active chat, and S2.0 members have access to the experience of our high-level players in S1.0.

  • WHERE CAN I GET IT? Discord can be downloaded from the Play Store or at <https://discordapp.com/ >

– Gertrude / GertrudeToo
Symbiotica 1.0 / 2.0

[CLOSED] Recruiting TEMPORARY Members: a great opportunity for <None>s and those in inactive guilds
Looking for a guild, very active player

Active people makes active guild, so if you are in a lazy guild or looking for more active guild give this one a go. More people join the better!


Are you an active player? We have a spot open with your name on it!


We’ve moved up over 830 ranks in the League so far in the past three weeks alone! Come be a part of our success!


hi i would like to join, started like 3 days ago, am level 91 atm
i will max my seals weekly and try to join whatever event is going on atm, but some of them are quite hard for my current roster

i’d appreciate an invite HERA_EPHB


I sent you a PM earlier as the invite code you provided apparently “doesn’t exist”. We have a spot for you, just waiting on the correct IC.


Hi systho,

Invite sent. Welcome!


New player…lvl 138…still learning the basics of this game.

Got all maps opened ad trying to get them all up to lvl 5. Joined a guild which is almost dead.



Hi shubbydoo,

You have to leave your current guild before I can send you the Invite.


hi GertrudeOne… done


Invite sent, will be in your in-game mail. Welcome!


We have an opening!


We have a couple spots open :slight_smile:


Fantastic guild. I’ve been here two months and love the people and the leadership.


New players welcome in Symbiotica 2.0! :grinning: