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[CLOSED] Recruiting TEMPORARY Members: a great opportunity for <None>s and those in inactive guilds

We’ve kicked inactives who came in randomly from the game. Although these spots are slowly being filled by Invites, I thought I’d open them up on a temporary basis to those who either aren’t in a guild or are in an inactive one and therefore would benefit from all the rewards an active guild offers while they search for a guild more to their liking.

WE OFFER YOU an active, friendly, helpful group with all the rewards of being in a guild.

YOU OFFER US extremely minimum weekly contributions to Gold (1k), Seals (250), and participate in GW, Raid, Invasion as many days as you can, keep daily eye on guild chat.

HOW LONG WILL YOU STAY WITH US? The Temps with the lowest levels of contributions / activity will have their spots filled with permanent members as these are recruited.

However, if you like our guild and choose to meet our min reqs for permanent members, you are welcome to stay with us! (See those mins here: [OPEN] RECRUITING Active Team Players 😀 .)

INTERESTED? PM me with your Invite Code or, if you see me on Global Chat as Gertrude (usually channel 002), let me know you’re interested in a temp position.