Guild "Horseless Headsmen" now recruiting!

I made my own guild, so hopefully some players are interested in joining :slight_smile:
Leader (me) is level 133, very active, with a highly effective monster team rampaging through invasions :smiley:
You’ll get lots of Glory Keys, Gems, Maps AND Souls! :wink:
As well as ever-rising power bonusses :smiley:

Maybe You want join forces with Birch Team? I can give You second in command status :slight_smile: of course if U beat a member by your number of trophies per week :slight_smile:

I do get up to around 100-200 trophies per week and spend around 100-200k gold per week… but I do also tend to take longer breaks, especially when I’m done with Xbox Achievements and other goals I’ve set for myself on the game. Besides hunting achievements, I have those times where I play a game quite fanatically and then take a break from it for a few weeks or months, just to come back and return to this fanatic state :stuck_out_tongue:
So I’m afraid I’m not quite fitting for your guild to join for good, huh? :smiley:

Yes :slight_smile: thx for sincere answer :slight_smile: