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Guild event scoring for guild rookie

This ain’t the first time I stumble on this, but I have tried to figure it out on my own, but it just doesn’t add up… So, there is a newcomer in our guild who has scored 91 points in the emerald light, but she/he only has 4 trophies in the guild roster, my math is poor, but I’m pretty sure you get 2 trophies a match and can’t score 91 points in two games, what is this? Am I just not seeing something??

There are no stupid questions, just stupid…

Points from his/her previous guild (probably).
They don’t add up your guild total but it shows.

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That was one option I was thinking, feels weird that the stats carry to the new guild if that’s what’s going on as it is a guild event it would be nice to see the realistic stats of it’s player… I do love looking how people are doing :grin:

thanks for the awesome information.

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Otherwise people who change guilds would have less chance to go for the leaderboard.

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That explains it, thanks! :blush: