Guild alliances and guild banks

I was thinking I’m good friends with a few other Guild masters I was thinking it would be nice to have alliances which would prevent them from facing off in guild wars and it could also help with smaller guilds and medium-sized guilds that have lower level players reach better rewards by having players donate into a task in the ally’s guild to stop players from abusing the system only X amount of gold can be donated into every task tier

also, another thing I thought could be useful is a guild bank that could be donated into with it building up and at the end of the month it would evenly split it between all members of the guild/alliance to avoid breaking the economy whatever you good people use to track the amount of gold currently in-game would take into account the amount in the guild banks so at the beginning of the month when the “payout” occurs it won’t confuse the system a this would allow the smaller guilds to have a chance at getting a few epic tasks and the bigger one at getting LT’s