Guild 697 lvl, 42 in top list The Black Hand looking for new members

Guild 697 lvl 42 in top list The Black Hand find new people
Min week Tax is 500k gold & 300Tr 1500 seals,
GW bonus all 3 lvl, minimum GW score 40k.
130+ GEM mastery good for you battles
We do 40k seal every week.
We complete all task and 10+ legendary task.
Who want join write, we wait u!
The Black Hand find new people. Join us!!!
We will share power of the guild with new players,
regardless of their face and race. (min lvl 800).


PM if interested or have questions.

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I’m interested if you’re still recruiting. Currently lvl 69, play everyday, contribute regularly. Current and previous guilds complete tasks but no one is spending the mastery coins.

I will like to join your guild I am very low level but I play everyday and loves to contribute send me an invite

my invite code is GAMBIT_9

If you’re still looking active members - I have 109 level, for now. My invitation code: EUGEN_3.

leave u guild and catch invite

Are you still looking for members? I’m currently at level 121. All of my kingdoms are 5+, with a couple at 10. I’m easily earning 1500 seals, donating 175,000 this week, and pulling in 250+ trophies. I’d have donated more but I’m tired of giving my money to a dead guild.

My invite code is Creb if you have room!

I left. I’m in global chat 002

I am level 507 and active. Invite code is EOMUND :-). The smile is part of the code.

Yes, sorry. Had chance to join another one first. Best wishes.