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THE BLACK HAND is recruiting. Rank 37, 1164 lvl, Bracket 1-2 [29/30]

:skull:THE BLACK HAND:skull:

Rank 37, 1164 lvl, 40k seals, all 6 task and many legendaries each week. We’re looking for active players, join us!



:small_orange_diamond: 900+ lvl
:small_orange_diamond: 600k+ gold
:small_orange_diamond: 1500 seals
:small_orange_diamond: 300+ tr
:small_orange_diamond: 46-50k min in GW
:small_orange_diamond: upgrade Guild Wars Sentinels by Monday to level +4445 (2nd bracket), +4555 (1st bracket)
:small_orange_diamond: 12,000 bonus points from using 24 unique troops on your 6 daily defense teams (with min power 9,5k+)

If you are interested, please leave your invite code, or PM me on here.
Or PM AnqTh - Guild Master.


I’m actively looking for an active guild.

Invite code FARRA

oh… man sorry 900+ LvL

Bracket 1-2?
You were with us on bracket eleven 2 weeks ago, and I don’t see you in the top 3 brackets.

Edit : not calling you a liar or anything, but it just surprises me to see a guild we fought few weeks ago to have claims on the top brackets. Maybe you just forgot to register for war a week or two, I don’t know.

Where were your eyes? =)


Who are you ?
rub your eyes friend.
if you are so brave wrote here, then be strong and ask forgiveness now please everyone. you’re wrong.

My bad, indeed, I read wrong, I was still in bed x)
Though I’m pretty sure we fought a “THE XXX HAND” a few weeks ago around bracket 10, do you have a sister guild or something?

EDIT : oh, it was “Band of the RED Hand”, my bad. Reminded me of Skyrim’s Black Hand, wich I mixed up with you guys.

Bump x 10!

Still waiting for you!:ghost:

Happy new year everyone!:christmas_tree::tada:

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Still waiting for you!

Up, up and UP!
For the elder gods!

Join us!

Who want pice of POWER? Join us!


Now we have 30/30


need +1 we w8 u.

Don’t be afraid, we are waiting for you.