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Guardian Bonuses - Brown and Green

I’m a little confused about these two. My guild has +5 Map turns and +1 Glory Bonus.

When do these count?
I played the Treasure Hunt and the +5 turns are not applied.
PVP also doesn’t add the +1 Glory (while the XP and Soul bonuses work just fine).

Am I missing something?

*Update: Now I’m not even sure the other ones are working as they’re supposed to.

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The treasure hunt turns should be part of your total turns when you start. For example, my guild currently gets +2 turns. So when I start the treasure hunt game it starts me with 10 turns instead of the normal 8. If your guild should be getting +5, you should start the game with 13 turns.

I’m not 100% sure on the glory bonus, but I assume it just adds an additional +1 glory when you play something that awards glory.

Have you changed guilds lately? I’ve seen some other folks around the forums who changed from one guild to another and indicated that their contributions were still going to the old guild. Could be something confused in the system if you’ve changed guilds and maybe it is giving you the bonuses from your previous guild and not your new one?