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It’s 100% Natural.

New Troop: Archdruid

The Druidic caste of the Forest of Thorns are the highest caste that a common Wood Elf can ascend to, with the Archdruids being the leaders of that caste.
From their numbers, one is chosen only twice every century to merge with the spirit of the forest and become a Green Seer.

Troop Type Changes The following troops have had changes to their troop types.
  • Dryad changed from Fey to Fey/ Elemental
  • Treant changed from Fey to Fey/ Elemental
  • Gloom Leaf changed from Fey to Fey/ Elemental
  • Swamplash changed from Monster to Elemental/ Monster
  • Rowanne changed from Fey to Fey/ Elemental

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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Oh boy. 4x Fey 4x Elemental 4x FoT bonuses incoming…


Yeah, it does not looks like Archdruid has any implants. :wink:

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Ooh FoT synergy buff!

Also thanks for the swamplash change… My green death team just got a bunch of new team bonuses :smiley:

@Sirrian, If the Archdruid’s become a Green Seer, is there any reasoning that Green Seer is not Elemental/Fey as well?


Can you please share your green death team?

Sure, though I might have been pre-mature in my celebration, I figured Green Seer was already Fey/Elemental, so it would give me 3 Elementals, but Green Seer is still only Fey.

Green Seer

Dark Elven Banner (+1 Green / +1 Purple)


But, Archdruid has a 25% chance to summon a Dryad upon death, not a Green Seer.

I was referring more to this:

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Ah… :slight_smile:

Indeed it would be cool if Green Seer also had been both Fey and Elemental for the team bonuses. But the team bonuses is still not needed much for endgame players.

Break it up fellas.


Elemental/Elf would had suit Green Seer more than Elemental/Fey. I can see it on her ears. :wink:

True, though by the same logic, Archdruid should be Elf too. Ah well!

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Come join us buddy. :slight_smile:


Sweet avatar, Eika. Been a while since I’ve seen “Baby” from Dinosaurs. We have plenty of dragons, I say bring on the dinosaurs!


I really agree with this, what about a Dinosaur land were the giants are still walking around. So cool! :smiley:

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+1 for more magic boosting troop!

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Maybe it is a bit too much with both Dragons and Dinosaurs in a game, but the Dinosaurs had many fun forms… :confounded:

Archdruid is an elemental/elf.

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… I’m apparently blind. >< Thanks Nim!