Great maw - gloom leaf bug?

Don’t know if this was reported already or if it’s intended, but great maw seems to instantly die when he uses hunger on a gloom leaf with the thorns trait unlocked.

It had already been reported, but we never heard wether it was intended or not.

I doubt its intended. Devour is probably (almost certainly) simply coded as ‘deal a billion damage to target’ for the purposes of killing it. So Thorns takes that and reflects half of it. The same thing happens with the Archer Class’s Bullseye trait.

We can call it “indigestion” …


Maybe he dies of internal bleeding from the thorns shredding his insides. :fearful:

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Exactly! Imagine trying to eat a rose stem

In the case of archer’s trait, it was said to be intended, because the damage is specified to be skull damage (which is what Thorns trigger on).

In the case of Hunger, though, I don’t think it should trigger. Devour is not considered as skull damage, and should not be considered so even if the trait effect is triggered by skull damage - or else hitting a Gloom Leaf with Aflame should reflect half of the burn damage every turn…

That’s true. Definitely not skull damage. Hmmm…

In a way I kind of like the idea of a Devour dieing to Thorns! Like a predator trying to eat a porcupine :wink:

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In that case, it should happen with spell-triggered Devour too, not just from Hunger. Also, It should then be in the trait description.