GoW marked malwar

Gems of war is being marked as mallard by avg
Any idea what is happening for this to occur?

Able to post a screenshot or a copy of the exact error message? Would be useful to the devs to know what it’s being tagged as.

I got this too on my Android phone after a regular scan. I of course dismissed it and carried on but I was curious too as to why a well trusted game would trigger a “Risk Found” warning. I would assume it has something to do with AVG and the way it checks for bad things on your device but . . . don’t know.

Deleted GoW. So not currently coming up. Checking with AVG to get access to scan log. Will update if I get anything

Yeah my sons android tablet with avg pro installed is saying the same thing.

I received the same message and also just dismissed it. It said GoW was classified as a Potentially Unwanted Program.