Android emulation via NOX


Is the use of Gems of War via emulation software like Andy, Bluestacks and NOX considered acceptable by the devs? I want to work around the pausing issue in the steam version of the game as I alt-tab frequently, so running GoW in NOX would be ideal. However considering the time and money I have invested in my account, I really don’t want to get banned because emus aren’t allowed (though I have seen no statements to that effect).

Would be great if one of the devs to clarify an official position on whether emulating Android to play is acceptable as long as no exploitation occurs to give an unfair ingame advantage.


Is it possible to have 2 games at once on same account?

We don’t mind if you do so.


Is it also okay to play at the same time with Steam and with an Android emulator?


Thanks Nimhain! You’re the best!