Is it possible to have 2 games at once on same account?

I would like to start a new gow game but on the same account I have now and on the same pc. Is it at all possible to do that?

You can’t have same game on same accounts that are on different levels. You can start with another account on the device you are already playing with.

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Thank you very much for your reply DonBoba

It is possible but it’s a bit of a pain. You have to go into the AppData files and move the save data file somewhere else. You can then start over and get a second save file. You can then swap them out and play two saves.

Data about state of the account is stored on server side to prevent hacking. So that’s not a possible solution.

Thank you Delinquent, I have found a tacet video on how to do it, but still cant find the Appdata files.

Tacet made a video on how to do it

Looks like you already found it

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Oh i see. Well i stand correctes. Do check with devs if its allowed.

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Thanks a lot Maxx for the reply. I found the video by chance this afternoon, but cant find the Appdata files.

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Will do thanks Don

They’re probably hidden and you need to unhide. I think you can also search for a portion of the file path seen in Tracey’s video and it will bring it up even if not hidden. Just “AppData” might even do it.

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Tacet shows in the video how to unhide the Appdata files if you are on Windows 10

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I use an Android emulator, Nox, to run my second account so I don’t have to deal with swapping them. Devs don’t mind if you use emulators for normal play(source) and I find this much more convenient, but the sound and animations can be choppy at times, so I play this account with no sound.

If you do want to go the route of swapping back and forth so you don’t have to emulate, I’d also recommend using “register this device” to link your account to an email, which links your email to the username recognized by the server (not seen or used in-game) and allows you to reveal your password. Save this password, as it plus your email will allow you to immediately log back into the account in the event your appdata files become misplaced or damaged (or log in to the account on another device). Switching the files in the localstore folder works because one of the files contains your login information. Your actual game data is not stored locally. When you clear the folder, you are starting a “new game” because you don’t have any login credentials and are supplied with new credentials when you create your hero. In the event you can’t get back into your account for some reason and you don’t have a linked email/password, you will have to contact support to help you get back in.

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Thank you very much for the info Mithran. Very helpful indeed!

Thanks Maxx but I still cant locate them! My screen looks totally different to his and I am really stupid when it comes to computers!

I have tried that, but it did not work. But thanks for your help!

I simply play a second account on the console version (with my kids)…

What happens if you login to Steam or Windows as a different user?