GoW is actually being advertised!

Astonishingly, I just saw an ad for Gems of War on my BlueStacks loading screen!

This is fantastic for GoW, though it feels far too little too late. GoW should have been part of the Nintendo Switch showcase the year that version launched. It felt a lot like 505 weren’t doing their job. Mind you, who can really tell what was happening behind the scenes.

I still think it’s good to see our “favourite” game finally being advertised…

…but it’s quite ironic the ad was on BlueStacks: Not only does I+2 refuse to support emulators in any way, but I’ve been having issues with assets having to be redownloaded every time, when I run my alt accounts on BlueStacks. :man_facepalming:


You know what else GoW needs? To have deals for it in the Google Play points store.


Its needs some up front honesty with its player base first. Weavergate