Gems of War on Project X Cloud

Earlier this week I received some good news…

505 games has a few games on this preview. But I can’t help but wonder why Gems of War isn’t on it.
I hope for those Xbox GoW players, that 505 doesn’t want the game on Xcloud because they want you to use 2 different GoW accounts. One for Xbox and one for mobile. That would be just greedy of them and be completely opposite of their business plan moving forward. :roll_eyes:

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Current 505 Games on Xcloud.

(↑ literally just released on Xbox last month)

Gems of War would be a great fit. Just saying. :man_shrugging:

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Gems of War would be great on it. I agree

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Although it is great for mobile gaming in general, I personally wouldn’t want to see GOW on X Cloud. At the moment you are obviously limited to play only when in front of your console. Some have more time than others, job or not etc. But once it is available on mobile, any kid at school can just be playing all day whereas if I did that at my full time job I would get sacked. Suddenly the 40 hours per week I put into this game would need to be 80 hours to keep up. My opinion would be if you want to play on you mobile phone, then create a mobile account on Android.

Even if GoW never becomes available on Xcloud. It’s a matter of when, not if, most console games will be available to be streamed to other devices. It’s possible that because GoW is already on mobile that the option never becomes available. I believe options are a good thing though.
I think it would be a mistake for any GM on Xbox to assume that their players have a smart phone or the type of internet access that can support streaming.
So though I hear your concern about the expectation of time. I see barely any guilds being actually be affected by the hypothetical change.

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They are currently testing two ways to stream xbox to android and I’m in this one. It’s been a fantastic option to be able to jump in and rescue pets while on lunch break or running errands. It has also made traveling easier as I no longer have to pack my xbox :slightly_smiling_face:


That part of the beta is only for Xbox Insiders.
(Which I am not.:grinning:)

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Just to be clear, you’re able to play your Xbox gems game from your android phone in the preview? I’d be happy just collecting tribute.


He or she can stream any game on their console to their Android phone. This includes Gems of War.
But they are forced to still use an Xbox Controller to play it. So they don’t gain any advantage besides mobility.
Speaking of which…
@Kafka doesn’t things like Project Xcloud force the “we don’t support controllers” stance to be a murky issue?
You support Xbox Controllers on Xbox Gems of war.
The player is still using an Xbox Controller for their Xbox Gems of War but onto their Android phone as authorized by the client (Microsoft).

So I wonder if their directional buttons actually work with the Xbox controller when playing Gems of War on their Android device since they are using the Xbox version of the game. Which we’ve been told numerous times… Is basically the same code as all the other platforms thanks to Unity. :man_shrugging:

Xbox has the ‘xbox adaptive controller’

Primarily for the disabled, but you can plug basically anything into it. It’s the thing with the two grey circles in the right of the picture.

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So, I got curious because I don’t typically use the directional buttons. I prefer using the joysticks. I can confirm the following:

The directional buttons worked (I was able to move left, right, up and down) with Gems of War

  1. With my controller directly on my xbox one
  2. Streaming from my xbox one to my android tablet

Then I got more curious so…

  1. The directional buttons also worked on my pc/steam Gems of War account on my PC using one of my xbox controllers (a different one than I used for the tests above)

Last test… Xbox controller directly to Android with your PC/Mobile account. And then you’ll see my dilemma. Lol
To clarify, it happens during the match when I’m trying to move gems. Or should I say "it doesn’t happen like it should "

Ah hah! I do see it, it definitely doesn’t work well in that scenario. But if you can use touch screen, why wouldn’t you? With the xbox to android streaming we are forced to use the controller and I would much rather use touch screen.


It’s nice to change it up once in a while. Casting is faster with a controller. Matching gems is not.
I think it would be with a D pad that I can mash. Can’t mash with the joystick.

Microsoft must of read your post.
Xcloud will eventually enable touch controls for Xbox games on touch screens. :grinning:
They just announced this on a live stream.


Any estimate when this will be available to everyone?

My understanding is fall of 2020.
But if that’s the case. Then it’ll be limited to phones at first. Because they also said it’s going to be in development over the course of the next 3 years.
The project manager definitely said releasing X Box Series X and X Cloud in 2020.

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I never use the D pad on the Xbox. L stick moves to the gem I want, and R stick in the direction I want it to move is plenty fast for me.

Touch screen may be faster, but moving with the L stick gives me time to verify it is the best move.

Here’s some more info that you may be interested in.
A first look at Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming service for Windows PCs - The Verge

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Only the L stick works on Android with the Xbox controller. R stick and D pad do weird things.

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