Going live with Gemsies!

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Thanks for tuning in to my incoherent 2 AM ramblings. I will be streaming throughout the day tomorrow, probably after 3 PM EST time. :slight_smile:

I’m going live in a few minutes.

And back at it in 3. 2. 1… BOOOM!

Aaaand we’re going live again with some more PVP.

I’ve got a schedule up now, yay me! But what it doesn’t tell you that in about an hour and a half I’m going to stream for quite a while, and then when the time is right I’m gonna hunt some gnomes!

I’ll update once I go live.

Going live in a minute.

Time for some LIVE daily tasks, dungeon and gnome hunting!

Now live after a slight delay. :smiley:

Live now ahead of schedule for about 40 minutes. The “I SHAVED” edition. :smiley:

That time has come again. Tune in, LIVE now!

Going LIVE in a minute to show off the new Dragon. :slight_smile:

While driving I came up with an idea involving the new dragon, tune in LIVE NOW to see. It may be the best team yet, if it works! Let’s find out together.

Time to continue abusing my new found team. LIVE now.

Time to go live again to show off my latest devilish creation of a team. :smiley:

Live live live!