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Newbie with everyday Twitch stream!

Hello guys. I’m a 20 year old who lives in the United Kingdom currently on summer break till going back to finish their final year in University. I actually at the moment work a 9-5 to pay those pesky University flat bills. I actually have been streaming GemsOfWar on PS4 everyday for the past 2 weeks. My name on Gems of War is “Masahiko” & my PSN is Sway_Kid7 )Please don’t ask about the ridiculous PSN name, I was young and naive xD would pay anything to change it xD)

Had this game for a while passively collecting troops but not playing at all so currently been playing for two weeks. It’s a very very quiet stream, not even looking for success just tips and friendly people from this community to give advice here and there. At the moment my legit play time is 2 weeks. Currently sitting in Top 100 PvP and earning around 200-250 trophies a day. I feel I am just doing well because of the time I put in after work though. Boom this is where you guys come with your advice ;D.

My schedule is always Monday-Friday 18:30/19:00pm - 23:00pm. Saturday and Sunday is a random time schedule. My name is JuuzousFace on Twitch here is link for the stream and my Twitter (Twitter being heavily Shadowerse filled because that’s my main game next to FFXIV)

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/juuzousface

Twitter: https://twitter.com/__masahiko

(P.S – Mods, I’m sorry if I’m breaking any forum rules, new to the forum as well)



Welcome to the forums brudda! I am no mod but i dont see anywhere you broke a rule.

Furst and most important piece of advice i can give you is this: Be in a good guild.

If you arent in a good guild let me know i can help you find one that fits your needs and whose needs you fit well.

Aside from that good luck with your streams and post an update here when you start everyday and i will look in when i can


My guild isn’t high ranked but they were very welcoming and lovely, they’ve been good to me these past two weeks, that’s all I need but thank you so much Vangor :3

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and you got it :> !!!

I’m streaming now ;p

High ranked is not as important as many other things. What guild are you in?

They’re called Genr8aftermath

Ahh… I see. I know illmatic so i am familiar with you guys

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Yeah he’s been so nice because I basically in theory started 2 weeks ago. They’re letting me not donate till I get my kingdoms to 10 so as a thank you I’m getting them 200-300 trophies a day hahaha ;p


I watched a few minutes, and it Looks like you were using a Dragon Team. You might want to think about Exploring to collect Arcane Dark Traitstones to get ‘The Dragon Soul’ 3x traited. That’s a troop that you will use for a long time.

Good Luck with the stream.


At that rate your kingdoms should be done in no time😎

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AH!!! A helper! - Thank you so much, see I’m pretty clueless on a few of those things so I really appreciate it. Real noob atm xD

I know right, Gold comes quite fast wen you blaze through PvP xD

Also i believe arcane darks are for sale this week so check the shop

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I see Yellow Lower and Arcane ones atm

@Vangor made an excellent point

If you don’t have enough Glory: Arcane Dark’s are located in Blighted Lands or Ghulvinia


Glory rewards->sunbird pack

Costs 300 glory includes 1 arcand dark

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You guys are making me so happy, what I’ve seen from this community so far is so wonderful x3… so helpful it’s crazy c: …thank you guys both <3, hopefully see you around stream or something when I fiddling with defenses and what not (if I’m not brainlessly going through PvP hahah) Also, got first Mythic today, it was Famine ;D

Ah!! yeah everytime I hit 300 glory I’ve been buying that anyway since Monday so I should be good there!

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Famine is the best one to get so congrats!

Look around on here when you have time. So much helpful info and dont be afraid to ask.

And you are more than welcome to pm me any questions you may have

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