Newbie with everyday Twitch stream!

OH big question…is there an order to what kingdoms I should make 10 first?

Thank you Vangor!! Strat also!! <3

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Magic first! Zhulkari darkstone blighted lands karakoth and silverglade


Would you look at that…none of the ones I have at 10 at the minute are those xDD thank you Vangor ;3


I’ve been playing for 20 months (level 1090+) and still hoping to pull Famine one day!

Rather than spending your glory every time you hit 300, you might want to start building up a bit of a stockpile and then spending selectively to target the Arcane traitstones that you want to use on particular troops. For this week, probably no harm done since you’ll want all those stones for The Dragon Soul, but if you’ve already got more than 16, you might want to start socking some away for next week. Red/Purples will be coming up another time or two in the next few weeks, so you’ll get another chance at those soon enough if you find you need more.


Ah I seeeee, ok this is very very helpful, thank you :D. & wow, it’s been my week in terms of pulling in gacha/card games/GoW been extremely fortunate then :o makes me all the more grateful xDDD


There are a ton of useful resources if you’re interested. Some of my favorites include:

  1. Gems of War Database . This is a fan-made website that is absolutely amazing. It contains detailed information on all troops, kingdoms, quests, etc., and even allows you to link your actual GOW account to the website to show you (in real time) how you are progressing and help you focus on what you want/need to work on.

  2. This is another fan-made resource, that shows information on upcoming troops, kingdoms and what traitstones will be available for glory in coming weeks.

  3. Since you’re playing on PS4 and a lot of the information available is focused on the PC/Mobile version of the game, you can check out The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates) . I keep this thread up to date with information on the differences between the PC and console versions of the game. We used to be months behind in terms of content, but the devs have been working on catching us up over the last year or so. Once the next update comes out, there should be a flurry of activity to get us all the way caught up, but in the meantime, this is a good place to see what is currently different and chat with other console players about the changes that are happening.

Hope some or all of this is helpful to you!


Thank you soooo much :o <3

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Thank you to those who showed up in the stream and forums. Learned quite a bit from you guys!! - As it says in my post, I’ll be back streaming and on forums Monday-Friday 18:30/19:00 to 23:00 and weekend streams range from whenever to whenever very random ;p. I hope you all have a lovely day/night and look forward to meeting/speaking with more of you tomorrow after work. Bye now ^.^/


Hello people ^.^/ - How are you today? … lovely, I woke up a bit ill (enough to not be at work) so I’m actually gonna start the stream now and stream all day long :3

Now, I want to do PvP all day not for ranks, purely because I’m trying to get gold to max all the kingdoms. I have tons of Kingdom quests to do also but you guys let me know first few things that I SHOULD actually get out of the way first, right way of being efficient y’know?

I’ll see you guys there or here… love hearing and learning from you all!

Gems of War Username: Masahiko (or look on top 100 PvP should find me there)

PSN: Sway_Kid7
Twitch: Twitch

Bye now ^.^/


Also, seeing as I got my first mythic yesterday, Famine. I was wondering, what teams are good for Famine in PvP and Defense for PvP? Right now I use just the guardians as a defense on PvP. I believe I have tons of cards available to have half decent defense teams. But yeah, Famine defense/PvP teams and the gem settings to and how to use the teams you show me. Just trying to learn a bunch from this lovely community :3

I guess I missed the stream. Do you think you can turn on the Archive Broadcasts feature in your Channel & Videos settings?

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Oh sure!! I stream everyday friend :3… I’m streaming now too because not at work!! (Sorry about the notifs new to everything at the minute xDD)

All my notifications should be on, check on twitch mobile app ^.^

Guys, I need help with Famine defense teams… trying to make a nice strong one any advice on making it/the gem preferences?

I’m assuming you have a very limited troop selection. So look for other troops with Mana drain or high damage and you will need one Mana exploder to feed Famine. Gorgotha, Ragnagord, etc.

Actually it really not necessary for base defense (just GW). Its ok to loose battles so you can gain Revenge Battles (worth more).

I mean I have a few cards…like loads actually it’s just only a few legends and mythic I miss out on like I have bone dragon, gorgotha, keeper of souls Kraken a few others too

If you’d like to share your troop list, you can register your account on the site that I linked yesterday, then share a permalink that will allow us to see what troops you have as well as their levels and traits. From that, it’s a lot easier to suggest teams that will work.


ps4 can link?

I’m trying to link but it keeps saying failed, I feel it’s because I’m on console